4 Common Causes of Carpet Beetle Infestation in Your House

August 5, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Unlike the eradication of pests in the open, extermination of insects and other pests in the home need to watch the safety of the household. One of the small insects that often enter your house is a carpet beetle. These insects have varying sizes, colors and markings of the mature beetle vary greatly, but generally have a white and dark yellow-spotted appearance and little orange color interspersed with black spots on their elytra, if the color has faded, the beetle will look solid black. The lower body surface of the beetle is white. The greatest damage is usually caused by carpet beetles in the larval phase. The larvae of carpet beetles eat in dark conditions and are not disturbed by other organisms, so the beetle eats anything, but they do not eat synthetic fibers. Carpet beetle leave a trail of brown, old skin after larvae change skin. This skin and lack of webbing are usually good hints that the culprits are carpet beetles. So. what is the common causes of carpet beetle infestation in your house? Here below you will find more about the common causes and tips to get rid of them:

1. The Environment of the House Not Well Organized

You need to spend at least twice a day to clean up your residence. Do not delay until tomorrow because this little animal loves a place that is not clean and dusty. You certainly will not realize that this animal dwells in dirty places because of its very small size. Therefore you should be diligent in cleaning the house especially in autumn because the number of insects increased rapidly.

2. Dirty Clothes

Usually dirty clothing produces a smell of sweat that is usually rich in organic materials that attract the attention of insect bugs. Clothes that we mean here could be curtains, tablecloths, table cloths, bed sheets, pillows, clothes, pants, underwear and so forth. Therefore do not let dirty clothes accumulate in a long time because these small insects will be happy to be there.

3. Dining Room and Cutlery are Not Immediately Cleaned

At the time you and your beloved out finished eating should not delay to wipe and clean the table from trivial food. Do not forget also to sweep the floor of the dining table so that the rest of the food that fell there did not invite small animal bullies. Similarly, with eating utensils that have been used, it would be nice if directly washed or at least do not wait until tomorrow.

4. House Open at Night

There are many types of nocturnal active insects (at night). If the doors and windows are still open then there is the possibility of these nocturnal insects will go into your house? It is therefore important that you close most access points to your home when the night has arrived.

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Mentioned above are a causes of small insect residence, including carpet beetle.  Therefore you should be careful and keep your home clean. Hopefully your house is free from carpet beetle!

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