Do Bed Bugs Have Wings and Fly?

June 14, 2017 | Bed Bugs

Do bed bugs have wings? This common question can be answered with a big no. Yes, bed bugs have no wings. So, they don’t fly. They’re such a vampire insect that disturb your sleep and ruin your comfort zone. It’s because they’re hard to find and very difficult to remove.

How Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

We are often mistaken to differentiate which one is bed bug or flea or even tick. It is quite difficult to find their difference, especially to spot the bed bugs. They’re oval flat and have six legs. It’s not easy to catch up the bed bugs except if they just took a blood meal, because they will be larger and their color turns dark red. Bed bugs are only about ¼ to 3/8 inches length (4-5 mm) and their babies are just 1 mm. An adult bedbug has wing pads or winglets, just above the abdomen and below the head. These wings obviously cannot be used to fly. These wings are likely about to be wings but they never develop. Their measure extremely small and usually they hide in the dark because their color is dark brown.

Do Bed Bugs Fly?

We have answered this question as it is proved that bedbugs have no wings; which means that they cannot fly. Bedbugs jump from one spot to another. They just not stay on your bed or sofa, but it’s also possible if the jump on your bag to get on somewhere. So, there is a big chance for bed bugs have spread all over your rooms.

How Do Their Bites Look?

Bedbugs usually feed at night. If they have eaten enough blood by biting to human skin, it will remain itchy and reddish small bump but in long formation. Some people who are prone to this bite, they will have serious infection or disease if it doesn’t get the right treatment immediately.

Do’s and Don’ts

Having bed bugs attack in the house is a disaster. It’s not easy to get them off of the house. But, there are some effective things to do to make it all better.

  1. Be more aware if you or other family members have small itchy bumps or something alike, it may be caused by the bed bug.

  2. Check and clean up your bed, mattress, carpet, bed sheet, and dresser. Look for the white or brown skin of the bedbugs.

  3. Communicate with your neighbors or relatives to get information and solution.

  4. Don’t be panic or move your bedroom set, because once the bedbugs live in, they will follow wherever you are.

  5. The using of bedbugs spray is not too effective because it doesn’t kill the bedbugs at once.

  6. Avoid fogging your house because it may cause them harder to kill.

  7. The extreme temperature may kill the bedbugs. Sanitize small items in the temperature at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit for three hours or more.

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So, if your mates ask you, do bed bugs have wings, let them know if they jump.

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