Does Bananas Attract Mosquitoes?

September 15, 2017 | Mosquitoes

Many people have known that bananas are good for digestion system, on the other hand, many other people also question does bananas attract mosquitos? Banana is rich of potassium which can help you to substitute the electrolyte you lose when you are sweating.

Some says that despite its benefits for body’s health, bananas also bring bad impacts for human. A person who likes to eat bananas is prone to be bitten by mosquitos and more likely to attract them to you. Both rumors are spreading and going around. So, which rumor is actually true? The article below will help you to know the true fact about There are many factors that trigger mosquitos bite less or more, some of them are due to the color of clothes you are wearing, the foods you have consumed, the temperature or other scents. Thus, mosquitos are not predictable. People who have consumed bananas may sometimes report less bites when it is coincidentally due to one reason, while others report more bites, for other different reasons.

According to ABC news, Susan P. from university of Wisconsin, who has created many journals related to mosquitos as well as learnt about mosquitoes biology as well as home remedies, stated she agreed that rumors has mosquitos are more attracted to someone who eats bananas. However, according to a study in her lab, it turns out that this rumor is not true.

So does banana repel mosquitos?

Some people say that it is because bananas contains a lot of vitamin b6 that makes them repel mosquitos. Some others also claims that bananas contain octanol that could repel mosquitos. In fact, octanol is an odor that invites mosquitos to come. It is used as a medium for mosquito traps. If the rumor is true, then could the octanol become something that attracts mosquitos? If yes, then octanol is not the only sources that attract mosquitos, it can also from other things too such as cheese ad citrus fruit.

Why bananas attract mosquitos?

If it is proven that mosquitos like banana-eaters, then you should read a paper published in June 1959 that discussed about norepinephrine and serotonin as the mosquitos life blood. People who eat bananas are more likely to experience an increase in norepinephrine as well as serotonin metabolism in the blood. Since mosquitos need those chemical substances too, thus, they can sense that and bite people who have such substances more in their blood. This fact proves that bananas attract mosquitos. However, there are still more studies required to be done by scientist to know more precise result.

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Last but not least, the effects of bananas might not be that great when other things are being added and bananas are not the only things that cause people tastier than others. Those are all some facts behind the popular folklore that questioned does bananas attract mosquitoes or repel them you should know.

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