Benefit of Vinegar to Kill Carpet Beetle Larvae

August 8, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

A female carpet beetle could produce more less 100 eggs within 14 days. The larval process is the most dangerous and causes much damage. Usually the larvae are in a dark place because they prefer dark places compared to bright places. The larvae cannot see at mealtime, so they eat whatever is nearby. The larval life is only spent on food so that the carpets, clothing, or anything that comes in contact with the larvae will be damaged and perforated. Adults lay their eggs near commodities to keep larval food sources, such as feathers and wool or carpets. Eggs will hatch in about 2 weeks but depend on the species and environmental conditions. Carpet beetles like humid dark places and narrow crevices. When ready to become a cocoon, the larvae will survive inside. This insect can also become a cocoon in the skin of the last larvae if no other place is available and safe. At first the larvae are white, then turn dark and become dark red or brown. Then, how to get rid of carpet beetle and their larvae? Is there any natural safe way that can kill carpet beetles? Will vinegar kill carpet beetle larvae? Here below you will find out more information about that things.

Vinegar and Carpet Beetle Larvae

You should look for where the carpet beetle puts its larvae. Usually they can hide in dark places like in your dresser or closet. If you have found their larvae, then all you have to do afterwards is eliminate their food source. Get rid of all the clothes and fabrics you do not use from the reach of the larvae. Collect the larvae into one place and pour the vinegar on the larvae. Highly acidic vinegar content can kill them slowly. We do not know if the larvae are dead or not because of their very small size, so it’s better to wait for a few hours then throw the larvae along with the vinegar outside the house. However, vinegar is a natural pesticide that can serve as a poison for larvae and adult carpet beetle, and this is also not harmful to humans at all.


However preventing the arrival of carpet beetles is the best way because these insects have entered the house, it will be difficult and requires patience and time consuming to clean it up. Here are some ways to prevent carpet beetles from entering your home:

  1. In order for the cloth-eating beetle to not enter, vacuum and clean the floor periodically to remove dust and scattered yarn debris
  2. Carefully clean areas such as wardrobe and clothing boxes before storing clothes
  3. Limit the beetles into the house by closing the part of the cracked and cleft house
  4. Check the antsier curtain in the windows and doors of the loose holes or edges to allow the beetles to enter the house
  5. Do not leave doors and windows open to keep the beetle from entering the house

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From the text above we can answer “Will vinegar kill carpet beetle larvae?” Yes, it will, because vinegar can be a poison for them. The larvae will not be able to withstand the acid content present in the vinegar so that they will die.

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