What Do Termites Look Like and How to Get Rid of Them

June 1, 2016 | Termite Information

What do termites look like

In this article, we are explain about what do termite look like, how to identify them earlier and how to get rid of them. And here we go….

Every year over 600,000 homes in the United States are infiltrated by termites, with each homeowner spending up to $3,000 on average to undo the damage.  You may not even know you have them until it’s too late.  This is why it is very important to be educated and prepared, know what do termites look like, what kind of behaviors they exhibit, and so forth, so you don’t ever have to experience the nightmares that come with knocking on hollow wood.

On the Front Lines

The war against termites begins at your lawn.  Termites can make their home base in obvious hiding spots like nearby trees or in virtually undetectable underground tunnels that lead to your home’s foundation.  You can take the time to canvas your property to see if there are any warning signs of termite populations.

  • The most common sightings of termites happen when the colony has expanded into the stage where winged termites take flight to explore more food sources and mates.
  • Signs that your wood may be infiltrated include cracking of paint in a suspicious pattern and knocking on it produces a variation in density along the same column.
  • Underneath and along the perimeter of the home you may spot lines of dirt, called mud tubes, which the termites make in order to travel from their underground nesting into your foundation for food.

What do termites look like and how to identify

It is important to note that in regards to the swarming termites, it is possible that these winged insects might actually be ants.  They are similar in size and can be difficult to tell the difference when they are airborne.  Ants will typically be smaller in size, with two pairs of smaller wings, as opposed to the large pair that termites have.  Their bodies differ in that ants have distinct sections of three partitions, while termites are more of a long uniform waist.

It is not uncommon to see stray termites flying outside your house, as they could just be originating from nearby trees or subterranean areas outside the house, but if you come into contact with them on multiple occasions, you may need to get someone to come survey your property.

Eliminating the Threat

Reading guides on the internet and experimenting with home remedies for pest control situations is always going to be an unreliable way of dealing with a potentially serious problem.  The problem with termites is that you can’t truly gain direct access to them, even if you have the location of one of their entrance tunnels, without the proper tools and equipment that a professional exterminator would.

This rings especially true when you consider the fact that you have to eliminate their subterranean colonies, as well, if you want to avoid being back at square one all over again a few months later.  Sometimes, if the infestation is bad enough, the only way to win the battle over an aggressive termite colony is to replace the damaged wood and pump all of their tunnels with a special pesticide that prevents them from ever coming near your home again.

Now you known what do termites look like, how to identify  and how to getting rid of them. Termite treatment is never inexpensive, but the alternative is markedly worse.  Prevention is always the cheapest method of dealing with property that is susceptible to termites, so if you can afford a complete consultation, it is in you and your family’s best interest to invest in its long-term future.

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