Where do Carpet Beetles Come from?

July 11, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

When already inside the house, carpet beetles can multiply very quickly. Therefore, you should immediately overcome it, because the endurance of carpet beetle can reach for one year. The process of moving carpet beetle into the house can occur through the door of the house, windows, or can also through food, and plants are moved into the room.

Common Places

This carpet beetle consists of various types and some types of carpet beetles are attracted to light. So it can be found in the window area or around the flower plants. This carpet beetle usually creeps, even some other carpet beetle types can also fly from outside the house into the house. Carpet beetle will go through parts of the house whose condition is cracked, cracked or hole in the wall.

The presence of carpet beetles in the house can damage the fabric, clothing, furniture, home furnishings, and ornamental plants. Food from carpet beetle is also varied. Adult Carpet Beetles can eat foods that come from plants or other insects. Meanwhile, some other carpet beetles can eat something like stored food, grains, and also various types of cloth. Cause This carpet beetle moves from outside the house and into the house is aimed to find a warm place during the winter.

Where The Carpet Beetles Usually Come?

This pest beetle actually comes from outside the home. Because most of these carpet beetles eat nectar from flower plants. However, they can crawl to move into your home or accidentally move your own into the house. This accidental migration can occur because you move your ornamental plants into your home, through food, or through the clothes you leave out of the house.

Once inside the house, this carpet beetle can pose a threat to your household, carpet, and wool outfits. Therefore, you should pay attention to the storage. In fact, this carpet beetle can also be attracted by dried flowers and some types of potpourri. Because it can be used as a source of food for carpet beetles. In addition, some carpet beetle species will get food from dried dog food, noodles, or flour.

You can prevent this carpet beetle from entering the home by paying attention to every home gap that carpet beetles can use. Check the outside of your home to ensure a potential entry point for carpet beetles. Perform the seal for that potential point properly. In addition, make sure your window has a screen that fits so there is no gap. Consider installing a chimney lid if you have one. Change the outer lighting of your home from standard white lights to “yellow light bugs”.

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This will help lower your chances of being invaded by carpet beetles. In addition, you can also vacuum floors and carpets regularly to remove dust and debris scattered. You also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of wardrobe, food storage, and various ornamental plants that you enter in the house.

Another thing you should look at is checking the curtains or window curtains on a regular basis. Because this curtain area can be made by carpet beetle as a means to settle in your home.

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