10 Causes Carpet Beetles Infestation in the Home

July 13, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetle is a pest that is quite disturbing and can cause damage to household furniture in the house. Damaged furniture is usually clothing, soft cloth, wool, and types of carpets that are not made from synthetic. This is because the carpet beetle chooses these fabrics as a place to live and source food. In addition to consuming the type of soft cloth, carpet beetles can also eat various types of herbs and grains are stored in the kitchen. Therefore, you should pay attention and periodically clean the storage places. This carpet beetle has different sizes and colors of each type.

In fact, adult carpet beetles are not included in the disruptive pests when their lives are outdoors. Because basically their habitat is outside the home by consuming pollen and nectar. However, when towards the end of the summer carpet beetle usually will invade your home. It aims to find a warm area.

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When in the house, the carpet beetle will be a distinct threat to home furnishings and residents. Because this carpet beetle will eat natural fibers and hair from carpet beetle larvae can cause irritation or allergies to the skin. There are several causes carpet beetles eventually move from outside the house into your home and attack your non synthetic carpet. Here are some of these causes:

  1. The origin of the carpet beetle is in the flower, the bark of the tree, and the leaves of the tree. They will hide under the objects that make the carpet curtains are covered and feel safe. However, when winter will arrive, the carpet beetle will move into your home. Carpet beetles will creep to get into your home. However, some types of carpet beetles are flying to move. Carpet beetles will take advantage of cracks from doors, windows, and cracked walls from your home.
  2. This carpet beetle wants to find a warm place inside your ruamh. After that, carpet beetles will find a dark place to hide. One of the places that is often occupied by carpet beetle is non synthetic carpet and window curtain of your house.
  3. Carpet beetles also often move into your home to find other food sources. Some types of food consumed by carpet beetles are whole grains, soft fabrics, natural fibers, and of course carpets.
  4. This carpet beetle is often and happy to make the damage. When they live outside the house, then they will damage the various ornamental plants in the garden. However, when carpet kumbang is inside the house will damage the existing furniture and can also cause skin itir for residents of the house.
  5. Carpet beetles move into the house and hide in the carpet to breed. Carpet beetle can lay as many as 40 eggs on your carpet or curtains. In addition, carpet beetle has a lifetime for one year.
  6. Carpet is a safe enough place for this carpet beetle to hide and settle.
  7. Carpet beetle will get a more comfortable living place if it is in the carpet of your home. They feel more warm.
  8. Carpet beetles can also find a place to live on various wool toys that are stored on storage shelves or in the attic. In fact, carpet beetles can also live and find food in your pet’s dry food. Therefore you should pay attention to your toy storage and pet food.
  9. This carpet beetle is trying to find a warm place to hatch its eggs and become a larva. So, carpet beetles will move into your home and hide in areas of natural fibers.
  10. Carpet beetle trying to find various potential food sources for carpet beetle larvae. Potential food types include: dried fish, dried animal food, felt, fiber, velvet fur, leather, dead insects, spices, horns, cornmeal, fish meal, grains, cereals, wool Rugs, silk, Potatoes, and various other types of carpet beetle carpet larvae.

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