5 Animals That Eat Mosquitoes: Spider is one of them

September 11, 2017 | Mosquitoes

When the mosquitoes are sucking our blood, what will you do then? Of course you really want to hit them. The bad thing is, sometimes they are too fast to hit. Besides, the mosquitoes can spread the virus into your body. That is the other annoying thing which they have. In this world, there are some animals which eat mosquitoes. Yet, what are the animals which like mosquitoes very much? Is there insect like a spider? Or do spiders eat mosquitoes? To answer these questions, we are going to share you the animals which choose the mosquitoes as their dinner.

The Little Forest Bat

This is a species of bats – which is called Vespadelus Vulturnus – that is considered as the predator of mosquitoes. This little bat, has only a weight in 3.6 to 6 grams. When this little bat is generalized, this animal has been considered as a carnivore. Even though this little bat likes eating flying insects, the best meal that becomes a main course is the mosquitoes. A study, which has been conducted by University of Sidney, said that the hunting area where this little bat roam, is the area where the mosquitoes grow in excessive amount.

The Dragonflies

In this world, there are 5000 species which have been known as the family of dragonflies. By this huge amount of species, the dragonflies can be considered as the potential killer of mosquitoes. Moreover, the larvae of dragonflies eat mosquitoes as well. Besides, an adult mosquito is able to eat thirty to a hundred mosquito a day. So, when we talk about the genocide of mosquitoes, you can consider the dragonflies as the main actor of it.

The Amphibians

This is the kind of animal which is well known for killing the mosquitoes. We can see on a television screen that the role of mosquito killer is always represented by the amphibians like frogs. As we know, the amphibians love to eat insects which have a smaller size. In the specific field, the amphibians which like eating the mosquitoes the most are green tree frog, giant tree frog, and spade foot toad. Not only killing the mosquitoes, these amphibians also eat the mosquito larvae.

The Predaceous Mosquitoes

You may think that this kind of insect is a cannibal. Yup, you are completely right. Here, the mosquitoes which eat other mosquitoes, are known as the species of Toxorhynchites rutilus – we can say as the mosquito eater or the elephant mosquitoes. Different with the common mosquitoes, this kind of mosquito has a larger size. Here, the mosquitoes will be hunted as the meal for the larvae of this mosquito eater. In addition, this elephant mosquito doesn’t consume blood yet flower nectars.

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The Spiders

This is the time when we have to answer the question about do spiders eat mosquitoes. Commonly, a spider is well known for catching the flies. However, when we talk about the mosquitoes, this kind of insect has an appetite of mosquitoes as well. The species of spiders which are known as the mosquito killers are Paracyrba wanlessi and Evarcha culivora. In addition, these mosquito killers sometimes hunt the larvae as well.

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