Are Termites Dangerous and Harmful to Humans

July 31, 2018 | Termite Information

A lot of people get scared of termites for different reasons. Some people think that termites will infect them with a deadly disease while others think they’ll get eaten alive just like a piece of wood. The truth is that termites feed on an organic fiber called cellulose. This fiber is only located in plants and wood, or any household products derived from these materials. The good news is that human beings do not possess cellulose in their skin. As a result, termites are not attracted to humans and are not set out to eat them alive.

However, if your naked feet happen to be on the ground where termites are roaming, don’t be surprised if they bite your skin. Even though termites are not targeting you, they will bite you if they feel that you’re a threat to them or their nest. The bites will usually leave red sores on your skin just like ant bites would. Depending on how many termites have bitten you, the pain might feel intense in the beginning. People are known to experience a lot of burning and itching from termite bites. Some people will even see their skin get swollen.  If the pain gets too bad, use some hydrocortisone cream on the bitten area of your skin.

These sores and painful symptoms should be fully healed after 1 week. Just don’t scratch the affected area or do anything to make the symptoms worse. Let your body heal the bites on its own. If you have any concerns about them, you should consult with your doctor.

No Long-Term Effects

Termites do not cause any long-term health effects in humans. They are not known to carry or transmit viruses to humans that get bit. So, you don’t need to worry about your life being at risk here. The biggest struggle will be dealing with the intense itchiness and burn from the bites. But if you use the hydrocortisone cream in moderation on the affected area, it should reduce the pain considerably until the point when the area heals.

Allergic Reactions

People who suffer from allergies or any kind of asthmatic symptoms should worry about termites. It’s not so much the biting they have to worry about. It is the termite droppings that are left behind. These droppings, which resemble sawdust particles, can easily cause an allergic reaction on the skin if they make contact with it. These particles could also become airborne and get inhaled into the body as well. If that were to happen, it could cause coughing, breathing problems, and other flu-like irritations.

Allergy medicine will do very little to help if the person stays in the same environment where the droppings are located. This can spell trouble if the person doesn’t even realize the droppings are causing their allergy symptoms in the first place.

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Uninhabitable House

If you neglect to kill the termites in and around your home, they could cause so much damage to your home’s structure that it will make it uninhabitable. This means that your home could potentially collapse or fall apart as you continue living inside of it. Obviously, you don’t want to be in your home when this happens because it could cause you serious physical harm or possibly even death. People don’t like to think this far ahead when it comes to termites, but it could happen. The interior structure of your home is comprised of wooden materials everywhere. These are the materials you don’t often see because they are shielded by the drywall. But if that internal structure gets damaged from termites feeding on it, then your house won’t have an adequate way of staying erect.

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