Baby Cockroaches Vs Bed Bugs Vs Carpet Beetles

March 28, 2017 | Cockroach

When it comes to getting rid of common household bugs, the first thing you must do is identify which pests are actually in your home. People often make the mistake of thinking that carpet beetles have invaded their home when they’re really bed bugs or baby cockroaches, just to give you an example.  The results are typically the same, though, because the person will have red blotches and itchy skin from these nasty insects. To learn the more specific differences between these bugs, read the following content:

Baby Cockroaches

Nymphs are baby cockroaches. They go through an incubation period which lasts roughly 20 days up to 60 days. The exact time depends on the type of cockroaches they are and the environmental conditions around them. After that, the baby cockroaches hatch from their eggs. They basically look like smaller versions of adult cockroaches. The only differences are that the baby cockroaches don’t have wings and they have a different color to them. For example, the German cockroach has babies with darker colors than the adult cockroaches. These nymphs also have light colored streaks that run down along their backside.

Baby cockroaches eventually get wings and become adults after completing their transitional period where they go through a series of molts. An instar refers to the amount of time there is between each molt. Nymphs have around 6 or 7 instars and will usually grow into full adulthood between 40 days and 160 days. Again, depending on environmental temperatures and the type of cockroach they are.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insects that suck your blood. Whenever they bite human skin, it leaves the skin with red marks that itch. These are parasitic insects which mean they’ll stay attached to their hosts. That is why eggs, juveniles, and adult bed bugs are commonly found in couches and beds. Harborages are what these places are called and the bed bugs will return to these locations after they’ve had their feeding time. You may also find bed bugs inside vehicles, in luggage, or anywhere that contains a lot of clutter.

Bed bugs are a reddish-brown color and have a flat oval shape to them. Their heads contain 5mm long antennae which are rather short. Their eyes are dark and stick out far like most insects’ eyes do. And, of course, they have wink-like features on both sides of their head.

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Carpet Beetles

The larva of carpet beetles and many other insects like larder beetles, case moths, clothes moths, and hide beetles, will ruin carpets and any other fibrous material that’s natural. Dermestid beetles are the group which describes the hide beetle, larder beetle, and carpet beetle. These are pests which actually cause a lot of economic hardship in the world because of how damaging they are to various stored items.

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The carpet beetle is a solid brown or blackish color and is very round. They also have irregular scale pattern colors like orange, brown, and white. The carpet beetle is roughly 1/5 inches long and has small antennae which are club-shaped. Their eyes are very inconspicuous and they have a rough outer shell that protects the membranous wings on their body. Immature and adult beetles have the same length and each has dense hair tufts covering them.

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