Does Baby Oil Repel Mosquitoes? Here are Scientific Anwers

October 5, 2017 | Mosquitoes

Does baby oil repel mosquitoes? This question might seem ridiculous. However, some people already felt the experience when mosquitoes did not get near them when then apply baby oil on their hands. The discussion of this matter still becomes a hot topic in many parts of the world. Therefore, this article will give you some clear facts about the relation of baby repel and mosquitoes.

General information about baby oil

Baby oil is actually a type of mineral oil that already added by various fragrance to make it more refreshing and interesting. Many parents apply baby oil to their baby’s skin because it could maintain the moist of baby’s skin.

The rumors spread around you about baby oil and mosquitoes

When the number of mosquitoes in one are is increasing, many parents use baby oil to keep their children safe. If you surf a bit deeper to the mother forum on the internet, you will find many discussions from all mothers in the world about it. Many of them suggest that baby oil could perform a well work to keep mosquitoes bite. They also make use of the safety offered by baby oil so that it would cause no harm for the skin. Some people even agreed and share their succeed experience when they were using it.

In some other cases, the discussion about creamy baby oil also caught many mothers’ attention. This post became a hot trending one that triggers many people to read and give comments. Some people believed that the non-greasy cream of this type of products could keep any mosquitoes away. However, is all of these comments really based from trusted source? Compare to the following facts.

The scientific prove regarding baby oil property to repel mosquitoes

A study related to this topic ever done by the Agriculture and Natural Resources Division from the University of California. It shows that oil indeed has the property to suffocate mosquito larvae as well as pupae. However, there is one following condition for this result, which is when they the oil poured on the water surface as the living place of them.

Another research with the same topic done by a biology student from the University of Notre Dame, to be more precise, of the Environmental Research Center. This research conducted during 1990. The result of this research showed that baby oil does not have the properties to repel mosquitoes. Another repellent believe to have the same capability also tested during May until July. The same conclusion goes for any kinds of mineral oil. In conclusion, the rumor about some mosquitoes repellent such as citronella candles, Skeeter Beater, repellent coils, Mosquito Hawk, bug barriers or even bug shield is not true. They are all ineffective to repel any bites from mosquitoes.

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To sum up, you should not just believe everything you heard, or any information you found on the internet. Make sure that the information provides trusted evidence. That is all facts we could provide regarding the question of does baby oil repel mosquitoes or not.

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