What do bed bug bite look like and how to treatment

May 17, 2017 | Bed Bugs

In this post we will give a clear information about what do bed bug bites look like and how to treatment. This information can be really helpful for you to be aware of the possible condition and how to deal with the condition. Perhaps, in today’s modern life, many of us have not even met the real bed bugs. Sure, nowadays the bed bugs are rare to find, but still it does not mean we could not find it. We can still find the bed bugs. Based on its name, the bed bugs are often live on the bed, especially on the crease of the bed fabric. Even, the bed bugs also often sneak into the carpets or your furniture. As like the mosquito, the bed bugs bite the human to get the blood. It often happens when we lay on the bed, sofa, or even carpet which becomes the place where the bed bugs are sneaking. That can be completely worse and the bed bugs will easily and quickly multiply so that when we realized it for a while we will find the totally high amount of the bed bugs at your place. They can also move from one location to another location, as like from bed to sofa, by relying on the human or even animals. That is a good idea to know much more about bed bug bites look like and the treatment.

About the Bed Bugs

The first thing we need to know before knowing more about bed bug bites look like and the treatment is about what bed bug is. That is actually a kind of insect which has the 1-2mm oval shaped body which is flat and small. This insect does not have any wings. The colour of this insect is about the reddish brown and sometimes they can be darker, commonly when they are full. What makes them full is the blood of the animal or human. That is why they often bite human or animal to get the blood. They become much more active during the night when the humans are sleeping.

The Feels and Signs of the Bed Bug Bites

Of course you are wondering what we may feel and find after we got the bed bug bites so that you want to know much about bed bug bites look like and the treatment. That is not really different from getting the mosquito bites. That will feel itchy and then your skin will look a bit reddish and sometimes swollen especially if you have a sensitive skin. Sometimes you also do not find any specific sign but the itch. The bed bugs can happen to any surface of your skin, including the back skin, shoulder, face, and so on. Fortunately, the bed bug bites do not transmit any diseases.

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What to Do in Treating the Bed Bug Bites

If you have experienced the bed bug bites and even you have seen the bed bugs around you, you need to know some tips in treating your skin.  You can wash you affected skin using the mild soap. You can also use the baking soda or even using lemon juice to deal with it. For reducing the itch, you can apply calamine lotion or powder. Another idea is to use the steroidal cream for anti itch. You need to see the doctor if your affected skin becomes infected. Those are the info you need to know related to bed bug bites look like and the treatment.

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