Bed Bug Eggs Hatch Time and Reproduction Info

May 20, 2017 | Bed Bugs

By knowing about this information it will be easy for you to handle the bed bug without any side effects or additional problems. Before it’s too late and this tiny creature attacks your bed, it is good to learn about bed bug eggs hatch time, reproduction, charateristics and how to clean it up safely.

Bed Bug Reproduction

Talking about bed bug eggs hatch time, it means you should learn about their reproduction. It is started with their mating. The female will produce eggs. The scary thing is that a female bed bug can produce around 200 up to 250 bed bug eggs in her lifetime. The bad news is that the hatch time of this tiny creature is faster. It is only need around 6 up to 10 days for those eggs to hatch. By the time they become a baby bed bug, they try to find meal which is your blood!

The Characteristics of Bed Bug

There are several things you should know about bed bug besides bed bug eggs hatch time. For example, this creature is a parasite which feed on humans especially blood to grow and reproduce. Actually, they are not only growth on your bed to get your blood but also on dogs, cats, and many more. Just be careful that they will bite any parts of your body as long as they got blood. Let say, they bite your neck, head, arm, leg, hand, and many more. Bed bugs tend to live where people commonly sleep or rest such as on your bed, sofa, chairs, and many more. This creature is hiding during the day and will be active at night to eat blood. Bed bug is also an aggressive creature in which they only need around 2 up to 5 minutes to bite and get your blood before run away.

The Sign of Bed Bug Bite

The sign that you have been bite by bed bug is various. Even, mostly you don’t realize that you have been bite by this creature. Suddenly, you see red spots, rash, or hives and it makes you uncomfortable. If it is happening to you without any specific reason, you should go to the doctor right away for further diagnosis and treatment. You have to make sure that it is caused by bed bug. This is because the sign is similar to the mosquito bite, detergent allergy, soap allergy, and irritation. If you are infected by the bed bug bite, you should remain calm and follow the treatment. There is no clear information yet whether bed bug can transit disease to people or not.

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bug and Bed Bug Eggs

So, how to prevent or to get rid of bed bug eggs before it reaches its hatch time? Actually, you need to check the strategic areas at home which might be used for bed bug to spread their eggs. The best way is to call professional pest control to handle those bed bug eggs. For prevention, it is a must for you to clean your home regularly so there is no place for bed bug to hide and spread their eggs. So, just do the treatment and prevention before the bed bug eggs hatch time comes and it will be dangerous for you.

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