What Causes Bed Bug Epidemic?

June 5, 2017 | Bed Bugs

Bed bug once became serious epidemic in the past. This small critter become serious threat in 1972, however it was successfully solved. The usage of better quality insecticide has become the way to control the growth and population of bed bug. However, in 2009, it was reported that this guy is back. According to NY Times, one in fifteen people in New York has this problem. And, the worst of all, bed bug doesn’t care who you are when they attack. It doesn’t matter, if you live in the slum or penthouse, you still have high risk to get bed bugs problem. So, what kind of causes that make bed bug epidemic to occur once again?

The first cause is the climate. With the global warming that makes the temperature increase, bed bug find better place to develop and reproduction. Therefore, they will be able to grow really fast and increase its number. The other reason is their ability to adapt with today’s environment as well as insecticide and product that people used to exterminate them in the future. They build a resistance that make them can survive in against those products.

The other cause is the today’s people lifestyle. It’s easy to move around from place to place today. Therefore, the bugs can ride the clothes or stuff that people take when they are travelling. In the end, they can find new place to grow and reproduction. This make the bed bug plague spread even wider. And, it wouldn’t be a problem, if it only happens to one person. Unfortunately, there are many of people that got this problem from the place that they visited. So, you can imagine if there is hundred people from hundred different areas got bed bug infection, the spread range of this problem is really huge.

The population is also one of many causes of bed bug epidemic. Bed bug is interested to warm place. So, place where there are many people, will have higher temperature than other places. And, this condition happens on most of city. Plus, with combination of global warming effect, the bug has lot of places to choose to grow and live. The high density population in city also make bug easily travel around ride the movement of people in that city. This will make the bug can spread even wider.

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If we look at all the factors that can cause bed bug epidemic, basically it’s normal condition that you can find today. Therefore, it’s important for you to adapt with this condition and do several things to prevent the spread of bed bug. For example, you can’t keep too much stuff and clutter that will become the place where these bugs can hide. More than that, there are also many products that has been developed and fully researched, so it can really exterminate and control the growth of bed bugs. You can use these products to deal with your bed bugs problem. So, if this epidemic occurs, you are ready to deal with it.

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