How to Make Bed Bug Glue Traps

June 6, 2017 | Bed Bugs

You may familiar with bed bug glue traps product that you can find on the store. They say that those traps can help you to catch all bed bug and exterminate it. Actually, that’s not true. Bed bug glue trap can’t do that. Yes, they can attract few of bed bug, but to exterminate them all, it’s impossible with just this trap. If you only use it, you won’t be able to solve your bed bug problem. The best solution is by making your bed bug glue traps that can be used to detect the bed bug problem at earlier stages. That will help you to deal with this problem as soon as possible, so the chance that the solution will be able to deal with the problem is higher. Here is the method to create that real bed bug glue traps.

The Material

There are several materials that you need to prepare:

  • Old coffee cup

  • 10 tablespoons or 150 grams of sugar

  • 2 tablespoons or 30 grams of yeast

  • Half quarts of water

  • Dog bowl


  1. First, you need to fill the old coffee cup that you have with all the material above. Mix sugar, yeast and water until it mixed really well.

  2. Place the dog bowl upside down.

  3. Place the old coffee cup that you have filled with the mixture on top of it.

After you make the placement like mentioned above, you just need to wait. After few hours, you will find that some of bed bugs will move and gathering around the coffee cup. At that time, you will know that you have a problem. Then, you can ask help from professional to deal with your bed bug problem.

This trap is the creation of Narinderpal Singh, Richard Cooper and Changlu Wang from Rutgers University in New Jersey. They made this trap isn’t for killing the bed bug, but to detect them. That way you can let the professional handle it. So, why not killing it? It’s difficult, if you do it individually. First, the product and tool that you have, maybe isn’t as good as professional used. More than that, it’s very difficult to detect it with naked eye. Once you can see that there are several of bed bugs, it means that this bug has grown into thousand numbers, which means it is already too late. So, by using this powerful trap to detect the existence of these bugs, you will be able to take one preventive move to deal with the problem.

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If you want to make these traps more effective, you can add this material to the mixture. They are nonanal, 1-octen-3-ol, spearmint oil and coriander Egyptian oil, which will boost its odor. This odor will be like the human odor that attracts the bed bugs. However, the sugar, yeast and water is actually enough to detect the bed bugs. More than that, these material is also easy to find and cheaper than the extra material. So, you can use them to create best traps for detecting bed bugs.

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