Bed Bug in the Ear Treatments

June 7, 2017 | Bed Bugs

Have you ever thought that the bed bug can enter your ear? Well, it is of course really possible by remembering that while we are sleeping, the bugs are going anywhere to bite us. Of course, it is not only really annoying but also dangerous by remembering that it can give you many ear problems. The first important thing is surely by letting the bug out immediately. The way to let the bug out is quite easy and you can even practice it to other kinds of bug or other strange stuff that are going inside. So, how can it be? Check them out.

Don’t enter your finger or cotton bud

Just after you find out that there may be something strange that is going inside including the bed bug, you should not let other strange things even your finger or cotton bud to follow it. Sure, it can just even push the bug to go more deeply. In other words, just let it be after you find the first aid. What are the first aid anyway?

Use Baby Oil or Olive Oil

You can use baby oil or olive oil then. You can try to put or enter it to your ear. It is better not to use it too much just make sure that the bug is getting drowned. Yes, such insects tend to be really sensitive toward this kind of oil; it can just make the treatment become easier. Actually, you will not need to do nothing after using the oil. The bug can just be simply pushed outside by itself. Besides, the bug is usually already died so that the process to taking it out can be much easier as well.

Find the Medical Treatment

There is a possibility if your bug is already entering your ear so deeply so that it is difficult for you to find it out. Of course, it is quite impossible to use the oil as well since if the oil touch the organ inside, it can even give you the new problems even the damage of your hearing system. If this is the case, you don’t have any other choices. Yes, you have to go to the hospital or specialist doctor to find the bug out. A small operation can be done by using a certain tool. You should not worry since it only needs the local anesthetic. The process is categorized as fast and easy in which you can just do your activities like usual after the operation.

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Keep the Environment Clean

The most important thing about this matter is how you can just keep your environment clean and healthy. The presence of bed bugs is indeed a very normal thing in which everybody can just experience it. However, it doesn’t mean you can underestimate it. If you already find the spots that sign the bug presence, you must try to destroy it. Therefore, you can just avoid the worse thing like the entering of bed bug to the ear.

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