Top 5 Bed Bug Washing Detergent

Bed bug is one of serious problem you can have at home. Residing in the bed sheet as well as mattress, this tiny pest will give you skin problem, bite your skin and make your place uncomfortable. But, you can find many products that can help you to deal with this problem. One of them is detergent. There are many detergent products that can kill and remove bed bug from your clothes or bed sheet. And, here are 5 of them that can be considered as the best you can find on the market.

Bed Bug and Dust Mite ERADICATOR Laundry Treatment

This detergent is easy to use.  You just need to take around one cap full of it, put it on your laundry, wash it and you will get the result that you want. ERADICATOR also uses special enzyme substance that can eliminates, not only bed bug, but also all kinds of insect and mites, as well as bug eggs from your bedding when you wash it. More than that, the material that they use to make this product is harmless and non-toxic material. So, it’s safe for you and your family.

Laundry Hygea Natural Exterminator

This product is also made of natural material and has capability in exterminating bug and lice. The good thing is you can use it without worry, because it’s odorless and stain free. So, it’s not only good for your bed sheet, but also for all kinds of clothing that you have. The non-toxic formula is also important here, because this will make this product is perfectly fit for your whole family. More than that, this product has also been used by many international hotels, which make it become the best product you can find today.

FORMULA 4 Bed Bug Detergent

We can say that this product can do everything that you need. This all in one detergent will help you to clean your laundry, as well as kill all bed bugs, lice and also roaches. The most important part of this product is the formula in it. With this formula, they create a special solution that can attack bugs’ nervous system. This will make the bugs killed during the washing process, especially when they got in touch with this detergent. This Detergent is also suitable for many different types of clothes and laundry.

Bed Bug Buddy Detergent

This product is really effective to kill all kinds of bug and mites. This product has also been used by more than 500 companies and health institutes. This product work perfectly fine on hot or cold water.

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SayByeBugs Bed Bug Extermination Laundry Treatment

The non-toxic material in it is suitable for daily or weekly used. More than that, the natural ingredient in this product also can effectively kill all kinds of bugs and mites. More than that, this product is also odor-less. Therefore, if you have your favorite perfume you want to use on your clothing, the scent won’t be mixed up with this ingredient scent.