Benefits of termites

Most people view termites as pests because they eat wood and can destroy the structure of your home. Even if they didn’t do that, they are still insects and virtually all insects are considered to be pests. But what many people don’t realize is that termites can be beneficial to the soil of your outdoor environment. You see there is a reason in nature why termites feast on cellulose and tough plant fibers. Termites serve as nature’s decomposers because when they eat the wood of a decaying tree or the fibers of a dead plant, they are actually breaking it down and turning it into new soil that is fresh. If there were no termites around in the soil then we would see a lot more dead plants and decaying trees in our natural environment, particularly in forests and jungle areas. Termites are the reason why the majority of plant life in the wild looks green and fresh. It all has to do with the fresh soil they provide the plant life to grow in.

Benefit of termite

In the civilized world, people don’t think too much about the health of their soil other than how suitable it is to build a house on it. After all, you need to have healthy strong soil in order to support the weight of a large structure like a home. If you were to build a home on weak soil then its foundation would crack and the home would ultimately be inhabitable. Termites are actually the reason why so many homes can be built in hot sandy areas like in Arizona and Texas. Without the termites, you would have more sinkholes and other disastrous occurrences going on in soil all the time.

Now you might be wondering how termites eating wood and plant fibers actually create strong soil. Well, it all has to do with the fecal matter and salivary that termites leave behind after they ingest these materials. Feces and saliva are organic matter that serves as fertilizer for the soil and naturally makes it stronger by supplying it with essential nutrients. So if you are a homeowner who ends up killing the subterranean termites that you have living in your soil, you can always purchase organic matter supplements to replace the fecal matter in which the termites were providing your soil with. However, you may want to just create a chemical barrier using termiticides so that you don’t actually kill the termites but rather prevent them from going toward your home.