Protect Your Home with the Best Chemical for Termites

April 8, 2016 | Termite Product Reviews

best chemical for termites

The choice of the best termite treatment is a difficult one, as it can sometimes depend on your personal preference and the level of infestation in your home. To any homeowner, termites are a problem straight out of a horror film. However, their prevention and treatment are much easier than you think. To rid yourself of these little beasts, you must take certain steps in order to reduce your chance of a termite infestation.

Never Let a New Home go Unchecked by a Professional

When a new home is investigated, small holes in wood, drywalls with unexplained damage, and doors with a marked sag are all positive signs that it may be infested with some level of termites. Even without these signs, a home is never without possible conditions perfect for this tiny menace to sneak into your home unannounced. Before a new home is moved into, have a professional perform an inspection of your house in order to ascertain possible threat levels or any existing infestations. Qualified professionals know exactly what to look for and use only the best chemical for termites in the event any are found.

Attack Infestations with These Treatment Options

A wide range of chemicals are available in order to repel and kill termites before they become a structural problem for your home. The largest selling chemical for termite treatment is known as Termidor. This widely popular chemical will protect a well-sprayed home against future infestation. Sprayers that are faulty cannot prevent termites from returning even if they were repelled at the initial treatment. This is why it is so important to utilize the highest quality applicators as well as high-quality chemicals. When applied correctly, termites will stay away from your home, and this is why it is imperative that corners never be cut in the treatment of your home.

Fortify Your Home Against Infestation

There are a large number of means in which you can protect your home against an invasion, and it is important to utilize as many as possible in order to safeguard your home. Do not affix wooden trellises to exterior walls, as this attracts termites quickly, and keep mulch, wood debris, scrap lumber, and other loose wood away from the walls of your main home. It is also a great idea to keep firewood raised off of the ground during the winter. It is a bad idea to stack or store wood debris within a few feet of your home, as termites can quickly travel from these piles to the inner beams of your home. Keep all roofs and gutters leak free throughout the year in order to reduce wood rot, and do not allow leaves and other debris to gather in your gutters and drains. These preventative measures are mostly common sense and relatively simple to carry out, and thus it is important to remember them year round. Go online in order to find more information on prevention, or to find a professional to deal with your termite problem.

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