Top 5 of The Best Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Away

September 16, 2017 | Mosquitoes

Many people commonly use chemical spray to dissuade mosquitos, in fact, you can also use some of the best plants to keep mosquitoes away. Mosquitos bring all sorts of viruses and diseases with them such as west nile virus, malaria, zika and many more, they are looking for animals or people for them to suck their blood. One of the way that people do to prevent or repel mosquitos is by spraying chemicals. In fact, chemical sprays bring another problem that can cause bad impact on health. Other ways that people can do is by putting some insect-repelling plants with natural fragrances. This can make disturbing mosquitos away and also let the wonderful scents spread all over your garden at the same time. you can put these plants in areas where guests often pass like by a doorway or a seating area.  If you do not want to douse your garden or yourself with chemical sprays, below are some of the best plants to keep mosquitoes away as your alternatives.

1. Marigolds

This plant is easy to grow that is able to emit a smell that can keep mosquitos away. Just place them in pots and put them near the entrance of your home or patio in order to keep the mosquitos away. Based on NYBG, this plant is not only able to dissuade mosquitos but also able to keep aphids, whiteflies, thrips, squash bugs, tomato hornworms and Mexican bean beetles away.

2. Basil

Another plant that can keep mosquitos away is basil. This plant is best to grow at a place with good drainage, damp and exposed with lots of sun. you can place the basil plant in the garden, or containers with other flowers or alone, As long as it meets the requirements.

3. Rosemary

The next best plants that dissuade mosquitos is using rosemary plant. This plant is one of the recommended plant from both PlantShed and new York botanical garden. This herb plant is quite familiar for many people and the woody scent is one of the factors that precisely make cabbage moths, mosquitos as well as carrot flies away. It is best to be put both in dry or hot climates and can also thrive in containers that makes it a perfect plant for areas with winters. It can also be cut into any sizes and shapes and best to be used as decorations.

4. Geranium

Another herb plants that is being recommended by nybg, plantshed and bbg is scented geraniums. It has favored scents that seems to reminiscent the smell of citronella grass. It has a strong fragrance when they bloom that makes the mosquitos away. It is a fast growing plant that likes dry, warm and sunny climates. In case you are in a winter or cold climate area, this plant can also be grown and put in planters with stable pruning.

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5. Lavender

Its lovely fragrance also comes with essential oil that you can find on the plant leaves. It has a strong structure and requires a good drainage and sun exposure.  Now wonder that it becomes one of the best plants that keep mosquitos away.

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