Borate: The Best Termite Spray for Wood

April 6, 2016 | Termite Product Reviews

The best termite spray for wood

Active termites can destroy the value of your home by eating away at its structure and causing extensive damage. To help prevent this problem, it is important to have your house treated to get rid of any active termites you have and to maintain control of those that are dormant. While there are many termite sprays available on the market, the best type of spray to buy is one containing borate.

What is Borate?

Borate is a salt that contains anions, negatively charged ions, that have both boron and oxygen in them. Borate is used as a wood preservative to protect interior wood from developing fungi and other organisms that can destroy the wood. It is also used in many termite sprays to help protect homes and other wood structures.

While it is important to get rid of termites, many people who have pets or children do not want toxic chemicals used around their house. Some termite sprays are very toxic and, if used improperly, they can kill dogs, cats and other animals, along with the termites. Termite sprays containing borate, however, have a low toxicity, so they are much safer to use around your house, garage and wood sheds.

Borate Advantages

There are many advantages to using borate to protect the wood in your home from termites. One of the advantages is that you can use the spray yourself to protect your property and not have to spend money on hiring a termite service. Most termite sprays are highly toxic and are not sold to the general public—only to certified pest control professionals.

Borate, on the other hand, can be purchased by anyone and it is often found in hardware or home improvement centers. Borate is also easy to use because it is a water-soluble mineral that you mix from a powder and put into a sprayer. It makes for the best termite spray for wood because it completely soaks into lumber and offers long lasting protection against termites.

This mineral is not only safer to use than most termite sprays, but it will not change the appearance of the wood on which it is sprayed. So, if you apply it to the exterior of your house, like the porch, the wood will not become discolored. In addition, it will not corrode any of the metal fasteners used when building a house.

Using Borate

If you want to apply the borate yourself, you need to look for it labeled and registered as a wood preservative. These are the solutions that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as safe for use by the public. Otherwise, termite sprays containing borate will have to be bought by someone who is a licensed pest control technician.

If you want long-lasting protection from your home against termites, then you should apply borate to the wood of your house or other wood structures. It will be safer for your pets, children, and yourself than other types of chemicals used to get rid of termites.

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