Top 5 the Biggest Mosquitoes in the World

October 8, 2017 | Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes we usually find during the rainy season. Because the rainy season is the best season to breed with the number of puddles. To repel mosquitoes in order not to breed, it’s good we eliminate the breeding places. Such as draining the water in the tub, closing the water, and bury the used cans that can be flooded. Mosquitoes themselves need a puddle of water to live their eggs. We often see mosquitoes, small animals that often bite us. Mosquitoes that we usually meet in the neighborhood around the house usually sized no more than 15 mm. However, do you know that there are some genus of mosquitoes that are larger than we usually see? There are the 5 biggest mosquitoes in the world. Here below you will get more information about the biggest mosquitos in the world.

  1. Toxorhynchites speciosus

This type of mosquito is the largest in the world because of its size reaches 1.5 “and its width is 12 mm. The female mosquito is usually twice the size of males this mosquito is found in Australia and strangely this mosquito does not suck human blood. Sucking nectar on flowers and mosquito larvae usually prey on other mosquito larvae because of its larger size than others.

  1. Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus)

This mosquito is still classified as Aedes family, this mosquito is also known by the name of the Asian tiger mosquito. Usually these mosquitoes are found in the wilderness. These mosquitoes are called tiger mosquitoes because of their larger size and have white stripes found on their body parts and legs. This mosquito is more dangerous than A. aegypti, because this mosquito can spread chikungunya virus, west Nile, and encephalitis. That is why this species is considered the most dangerous compared to other mosquitoes.

  1. Mesocyclops aspericornis

This type of mosquito is the third largest mosquito in the world. Usually they are found in countries that have a tropical climate, some areas that have found this mosquito is Sumatra, Hawaii, and Singapore. Like the Toxorhynchites speciosus mosquito, these mosquito larvae also eat other mosquito larvae that are smaller than their size.

  1. Aedes notoscriptus

These mosquitoes live in many forests and areas near the river because the mosquitoes are very fond of the shade. If you are in shady places or going to rivers and forests, you should be alert to these mosquito bites because in general they do not make a noise like many other mosquitoes.

  1. Culex quinquefasciatus

Culex quinquefasciatus is a mosquito that causes elephantiasis disease. This mosquito transmit elephantiasis by sucking the blood with filariasis until finally the mosquito have filariasis larvae. These mosquitoes bite humans and transmit the larvae in humans. Since the larvae enter human blood, it will precisely spread throughout the body and attack the defenses of the human body. This mosquito likes to live in a dirty place.

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The text above are about the 5 biggest mosquitoes in the world which you may rarely see. However, some of these large mosquitoes make it possible to bite you if you go to a tropical forest or a moist and shady area. They can even bite you even if you wear clothes (made from thin). Therefore, wear clothing that is covered and made of thick if you go to the forest to avoid mosquito bites.

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