The Best Tips on How to Use Boric Acid for Carpet Beetles

July 28, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

How to use boric acid for carpet beetles become the recommended ways on get rid of the carpet beetles from your bed or carpet. The formulation of boric acid is regarded to be effective for killing and getting rid of carpet beetles from the carpet. Boric acid is called as boric hydrogen of monobasic acid of Lewis. This is often used for antiseptic, insecticide, and the absorption for the other chemical substances. The substance has chemical formulation in the form of crystal having no color. It is often to be white powder dissolved to the water.

Mixing Yolk and Boric Acid

If you want to get rid of carpet beetles from your carpet with the use of boric acid, you should do some right steps. Firstly, you can mix yolk and 50 gram of boric acid. Then, mix it well. After that, you should make small balls from the mixture of boric acid and yolk. When you have made it, let small balls for one hour. It is almost ready to use. After letting it for one hour, put every small ball in the corner of your house near to carpet. It is aimed at removing carpet beetles from carpet. The small balls of boric acid and yolk get interest of carpet beetles. When the beetles touch that small ball, the animal will get trapped and boric acid eaten will kill its digestion system quickly.

Pouring Boric Acid Powder Near to Carpet

To clean your carpet and make it keep away from carpet beetles, you can combine vacuum cleaner and boric acid powder. This becomes a way on how to use boric acid for carpet beetles. Use vacuum cleaner to release carpet beetles with vacuum. This becomes the first step to do before getting rid of carpet beetles. By applying vacuum cleaner, it is able to inhale the carpet beetles, eggs, and larva quickly. It makes them unable to sleep soundly. It is effectively to remove poop of carpet beetles as well. After that, you can use boric acid to keep carpet beetles away from the carpet. You can pour boric acid powder near to the carpet. Try to kill its habitat by using boric acid. The chemical substance is the most effective way to kill almost all kinds of insects touching it each other. Though it is effectively to kill insects, it is not harmful for humans or human friendly. Don’t worry about it.

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Spraying Boric Acid Powder Liquid

Boric acid has a function to be toxic on metabolism. It is only dangerous for human when it is swallowed or inhaled too much. You can find boric acid in drugstore. You can find the boric acid in the form of light powder and pour it on the carpet. It is possibly to spray boric acid powder liquid formula to the carpet. After that, you can use brush it to kill carpet beetles. Wait for hours and vacuum it evenly. If it still has the carpet beetles, spray it again. The spraying formula can be made of one spoonful of boric acid to cups of hot water until it is melted. Those are some ways on how to use boric acid for carpet beetles.

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