Say Goodbye to Pests with Boric Acid Termite Treatment

Ants in the home are annoying and easily dealt with. Termites, on the other hand, are a potential danger to the structural integrity of your beautiful home. There are any number of harsh chemical treatments available for use in order to rid your home of these damaging pests. You need not use such an option, however, as there are solutions that are less toxic to you, your loved ones, your pets, and the environment. In order to keep termites gone from your home for good and attack any existing infestation, the choice of termite killer is important. With the choice of boric acid, you have made a choice in your own favor.

Boric acid termite treatments

What Is Boric Acid?

A boric acid termite treatment is a more natural solution to your termite problems. This acid is found throughout nature within rocks, the soil, plants, and even animals. As indicated in its name, its primary component is the element boron. Boric acid and its sodium salts are best utilized as a pest control, as they can treat insect, mite, algae, and even weed infestations. Boric acid termite treatment can come in the form of a liquid spray, which is the best choice, wettable powders, and more. This pesticide is safe to use in a wide range of buildings, such as homes, hospitals, and commercial buildings. It is even utilized in sewage systems and on both food and non-food crops. Due to its lowered impact on the environment, boric acid is used in over five hundred products in the United States alone.

How Does Boric Acid Work?

When boric acid is ingested by insects or pests, such as termites, it will kill them. The pesticide is used in order to disrupt the function of their digestive and nervous systems. Its abrasive properties will also cause exterior damage to the pests. In the case of weeds, boric acid and borax are used in order to kill the intruding plants through water starvation. Boric acid can even halt the growth of many potentially dangerous fungi and algae, such as mold, before it can grow. These potential dangers are rendered incapable of reproducing and thus cannot grow in your home. As you can clearly see, boric acid termite treatment will actually protect your home beyond the prevention of another infestation.

There Are Few Dangers with Boric Acid

Although boric acid in the form of borax can irritate the eyes upon contact, boric acid has a very low level of toxicity if eaten or your skin comes in contact with it. At most, some mild irritation can occur, but there is little danger to your health. It is recommended that ingestion and direct eye contact be avoided at all times; however, your overall health is not in danger when a boric acid home treatment is used. Research your options for termite control and prevention. Give the environment a better chance and protect your home from danger.

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