Can Mosquitoes Transmit HIV? The Research will Answer!

September 8, 2017 | Mosquitoes

In 2013, the statistics had been shown that estimated 1,6 million peoples had been dead due to HIV& AIDS. Only in Nigeria, government had been reported that there are more than 300.000 Nigerians die because of the complication of AIDS. There are many questions related with can mosquitoes transmit hiv? Because the needles might be able to transmit the HIV. You should know that if mosquitoes spread the HIV with the way they had been spread malaria, for sure million peoples will die on daily basis, especial in developing countries, such as: Nigeria where the mosquitoes were endemic as well. Before now, there are many reports which concern the possibility of mosquitoes can transmit the AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). When this disease had been first recognized and many people’s still think that mosquitoes might take this responsible for transmit this infection from one person to another. However, Entomologists said that although the mosquitoes function is similar with hypodermic needles, they both can inject chemicals and extract the blood, but it cannot transmit the HIV. It’s clearly that mosquito cannot transmit HIV.

The Reasons

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) this deadly epidemic which caused by HIV virus, the most often transmitted through the contaminated needle or through sexual contact as well. Because of mosquitoes sucking the human blood and might attack the series of individuals, then this question arise, can mosquitoes transmit hiv? According to experts, insects could transmit the viruses into 2 ways, they are: biologically and mechanically. With the mechanical transmission, the infected blood inside the insect’s mouthparts may be brought into another host while the blood also still fresh and the virus stay alive as well. Infection in this way mean is possible but with highly unlikely, because of mosquitoes rarely have fresh blood in the outside of mouth. Then mechanical transmission does appear in horse, but, with the equine infectious anemia, a virus which closer related with AIDS and transmitted by horseflies. You should know that blood feeding mosquitoes were much cleaner and more complex, they will insert the tube for the drawing blood and at the time when they ready for the next meal, even on the second host after getting interrupted meal, all of the viruses from the first meal had been stored safely inside their midgut.

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With the biological transmission, the pathogen should be done a portion from their life cycle within the vector, carrier and species. Protozoa which cause the malaria, go through the extremely complex cycle inside mosquito that finally congregating inside the saliva glands that an affect the primate, avian, rodent, reptilian hosts and depending on the species of malaria as well. HIV virus, however cannot replicate or developing inside the mosquito, once getting into insect’s bowel, the virus will die. HIV circulates inside the blood n lower level than malaria and the other diseases which caused by inset borne disease. The mosquitoes do not take enough units of HIV from the affected individual to initiate infection as well.

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