Carpet Beetle Allergy Symptoms and Treatments

July 18, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Have you ever heard about carpet beetle? It is a kind of pest that commonly found on your house. How does the carpet beetle look like? People can get an allergies because of this pest. However, most of people think that it is because of the animal’s bite. Are you curious about this kind of animal? Do you want to know more about carpet beetle?  Then, what is the best carpet beetle allergy treatment? Well, we are going to tell you more about it below.

What is carpet beetle?

This is a kind of pest which is very small. The size is around 3 to 6 millimeters. There are some various kinds of carpet beetles. The bites of carpet beetle can cause an allergic. The serious case of carpet beetle allergy will be around 3 months. People need the intensive care and monitor it routinely to recover from this allergy.

The symptoms of carpet beetle allergy

There are a lot of kinds of symptoms that you need to know. People can identify whether their family member get the carpet beetle allergy or not. If you know about the allergy, you will know how to prevent and treat this kind of allergy. First, people will get a redness like a mosquito’s bite and they will get an itchy sensation. Then, when you scratch it, it will not go away. The itchy sensation will spread to any other parts of your body and it will develop. You can find it around the shoulder, legs, and even your hands. People will feel that it might be disturbed because the itching is really painful. This itching sensation may influence their daily activity and even disturb your sleep. People can also find some rashes on their body because of this allergy.

The treatment for Carpet beetle allergy

  1. People can swab the sting or the bite area with a swab cloth. It can be used to reduce the swollen. People can compress the itchy area with the cold water to remove the rash.
  2. You can buy the special lotion to minimize the bite area and heal up the allergy.
  3. People can buy the allergy or sting ointment can heal the itchy and it will end the sores.
  4. Then, if it doesn’t work, you can ask to the dermatologist. The dermatologist will check and observe your allergy and they will give the prescription and medicine which might good for your skin. It will help to ease the skin and sores. Then, it will battle your allergy.

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So, there are all about carpet beetle. People can find this kind of pest around their house. There are some symptoms that you need to be aware, so you can prevent about the risk of this allergy. Then, you have to know too about the treatment. If you know about the earlier treatment, you can help your family if they got this allergy as soon as possible. So, it is really good to understand about the best carpet beetle allergy treatment for your life.

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