Carpet Beetle Bite Effects, Treatments and Preventions

July 10, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetle is an animal that lives on the carpet with a very small size. This carpet beetle actually lives outdoors by eating nectar. However, carpet beetles can move into the house to search for new dwellings and foraging. This carpet beetle eats silk, cloth, and various other materials.

According to the University of California Integrated Pest Management Program (UC IPM) carpet beetle consists of three main types, namely varied carpet beetle, furniture carpet beetle, and black carpet beetle. This carpet beetle starts its life outside the home and can infiltrate the house. The length of this carpet beetle is 1/8 to 1/10 inch with a round shape, and has various colors; Ranging from red to light brown.

Carpet Beetle Bite Effects

One of the dangers of this carpet beetle is it can cause irritation to humans. In addition, the pest beetle can also damage your home furnishings. Carpet beetles can live in your home for approximately one year. Now imagine the carpet beetle’s development with its larval growth cycle and its survival. So, it would be terrible. Therefore, you must address it immediately.

Irritation to the human skin is caused by the sharp hair loss in varieties of carpet beetle varieties. The piercing of the carpet beetle’s carp larvae feels like a carpet beetle bite. This is because the haircut is very piercing the victim’s skin, especially children. This condition can cause irritation or even skin allergies. The result of this condition is a red lesion on the victim’s skin that is not a bite, but an allergic reaction.

Carp larvae carpet beetle is already famous in causing problems that disturb and quite harmful to the skin. Contact dermatitis can occasionally occur due to exposure to larvae over long periods of time. The victim will feel like a bite and there is an itchy rash to show the sign of “bite”. In fact, people may experience irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. The immune system of an allergic person produces E-specific immunoglobulin antibodies for carpet beetle allergens, which can lead to hypersensitivity. In fact, nowadays allergens have been identified for Black Carpet Beetles.

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Treatments And Preventions

To overcome the “bite”, which is actually a prick effect of falling off the carpet beetle can use a powder to reduce itching. In addition, you can also use natural ingredients in the form of lemongrass oil to overcome them. Prevention is better than cure, then here’s how to prevent carpet beetle you can do:

  1. Store food that is retan in attack by carpet beetle with safe container.
  2. Store wool, felt, and silk in a safe place. You can use cedar scent to keep it.
  3. Clean the carpet, house, and other parts with vacuum regularly to avoid the accumulation of hair, skin flakes, pet dander, dust, and the existence of carpet beetles.


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