How to Make Carpet Beetle Killer Powder

August 4, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

An insect killer spray is effective to repel insects that come home. However, the chemicals contained in the sprays are not only harmful to the insects, as well as ourselves. To be safe for us, as well as effective to get rid of insects so as not to come back again, try the materials stored in the kitchen. Maybe some of us are not so happy with the presence of this little creature around where it lives. Others may be frightened and some even have phobias of certain animals (for example rats, cockroaches, worms, ticks, carpet beets and so on). The most problematic is the carpet beetle because it is very annoying to live on the carpet where we often sit and relax. The, how to handle it? How to make carpet beetle killer powder? Here below you will get more information about carpet beetle including how to make carpet beetle killer powder.

Boric Acid

Boric acid has a content that can kill insects, including carpet beetle. These chemical compounds are toxic to insects, in humans harmful if inhaled or consumed in large quantities. In general, boric acid can be purchased at chemical stores or at pharmacies. Boric acid is powdered, so you can sprinkle it on your carpet until it is evenly distributed throughout. It will react for approximately two hours. After more than two hours, you can sweep the entire carpet and a dead beetle carpet will be swept away, or you can also suck it with a vacuum cleaner.

Diatomaceous Earth

Other compounds that can kill insects are diatomaceous earth. These compounds are also toxic to insects including carpet beetles. Basically the way to apply is the same as boric acid. You can sprinkle it on the carpet or in places with insects. You can also dissolve it in water and spray it, but it can contaminate your home if you use water. Usually these compounds can be found in agricultural stores. When using this compound you should wear a mask to avoid taking in this compound because it is not good for breathing if inhaled. This compound can kill adult beetle carpets to unincorporated larvae.

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To prevent adult beetles from entering your home, fog is the solution. Put fog on windows, vents, and other holes in your home. The beetles will stick on it and cannot be separated from the fog until it dies. However, you must be careful and avoid fog out of the reach of your children. Fog is very good as a deterrent to insects into the house. Usually at the turn of the season, the wind is getting louder and the number of insects more and more. You should be prepared and put fog in the holes in your home in an effort to anticipate insects. Because once the insect goes into the house, it will be easy to breed and it is difficult to get out of your house.

Some of the ways above can answer “how to make carpet beetle killing powder”. Some of the above potent powders are highly toxic to insects, so within a few hours it is certain toxins have spread throughout the body of the insects so they will die. However you should also be careful of the chemical powder, so you also do not participate to inhale the powder. Have a try in your home, may your house immediately free from insects!

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