Tips to Use Carpet Beetle Traps Inside Your Home

July 16, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

This carpet beetle is an animal that has different sizes and colors. This difference depends on the carpet beetle species. However, in general the appearance of this carpet beetle has white or dark yellow spots on their elytra. Meanwhile, the lower body surface of the beetle is white. Adult carpet beetles can cause interference, but larger disturbances are present when the carpet beetle larvae phase. The larva enjoys a dark place and consumes food derived from animals, wool, silk, hair brush, leather, animal hair, soft cloth, and various non-synthesizing materials. In addition, carpet beetle larvae can also cause skin irritation. This irritation is caused by the carpet beetle larvae is very sharp and can pierce the human skin. The sensation of the carpet beetle carpet beetle is like a “bite”.

Tips When Use Traps

The disturbance caused by carpet beetle is quite fatal for your favorite clothes and various types of food in the kitchen. To overcome this carpet beetle problem can be done by installing a trap. You can make it independently or can also buy it in a store that provides pest traps. Traps are then placed throughout the building where there are symptoms of attack from the carpet beetle.

These traps are also useful for monitoring the effectiveness of control applications against carpet beetles. You should also check the traps regularly. This check can be done for one or two times a week. This carpet beetle trap can be glue-shaped by using pheromone or without pheromone. You can put the carpet beetle trap on the window sills. The trap placed on the window frame serves to trap the adult carpet beetle that will go into the house. You can make your own carpet beetle trap with the glue.

Another type of trap that can be useful for controlling and monitoring the carpet beetle problem is the monitor dermestid used for carpet beetle larvae. The use of this trap aims to solve everything is not just a mechanism. The use of these traps is used to help and identify areas where carpet beetle larvae are present. This trap will pull carpet beetle larva from a predetermined distance.

You must set the sensitive area so that the trap can serve as an early warning system to the area of ​​new carpet beetle larvae hatch. Meanwhile, the traps for adult carpet beetles can use carpet beetle traps. This trap can be set to be placed around a window or area that often looks carpeted adult beetle. This trap can be used on furniture, carpets, and furniture that is below. This trap is useful for varied carpet beetle or black carpet beetle. These traps will remain active for 2 to 3 months and should be installed throughout the home area. You can combine the different types of traps you need.

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You should pay attention to the cleanliness of the house, furniture, and storage. You must clean the yarn, hair, dead insects, garbage, wool yarn that can serve as food for carpet beetles. Areas or locations that cannot be cleaned can be sprayed with insecticides. You should note do not spray insecticides in the area around the electrical panel and around the fire. In addition, you should also recognize the development or life cycle of carpet beetles. Another thing to watch for is checking periodically the traps installed in all areas of the house.

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