The Effects of Carpet Beetles To Our Lovely Cats

July 30, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Have you ever known a bug which lives on the carpet? Yup, it is a carpet beetle. It is annoying when our house has been used as a home for bugs. Besides, when we have pets in our home, we always feel so worried about our pets. Especially, a pet which loves to lay down on the carpet. For example, a cat will lay down on the carpet oftenly. However, we sometimes don’t realize that our carpet has been lived by carpet beetle. But, are carpet beetles harmful to cats? To answer that kind of question, we need to know the information about carpet beetle first. Here, we have some useful information if you are worried about this problem.

Even though there are no clear evidences which can be found that the carpet beetle harm pets. The existence of carpet beetle still bothers our life. However, if we talk about the harmful thing, we need to make a concern on carpet beetle larvas. Here, these larvae will feed on the animal hairs, dust particles, and other fibers. Not only that, carpet beetle larvas can also feed on towels, blankets, and other linens which lying around. If you have a cat which loves to lay down on the carpet, there is a chance that carpet beetle larvas will make your cat as a food source.

How to get rid of carpet beetle larvas?

When we talk about how to get rid of this bug, of course we need to do something. Here, when you spot there is a carpet beetle or carpet beetle larva, you need to prepare the killing stuffs. As we know, this kind of bug doesn’t bite or sting you or your pets. However, when this kind of bugs grows excessively, it can be said that the possibility of getting harmed by carpet beetles will be higher. So, the best thing to do is you have to get rid of carpet beetles. Yet, you are suggested to avoid the use of chemical pesticides which can make some impacts to other things.

The first thing to do is, you have to identify the whether the culprits are carpet beetles or not. If there are carpet beetles, they will leave a typical track which can be considered as their existences. Besides, if you have found damages on your carpet, the suspect will be obvious. Then, you have to know where they come from. Here, it is so important because you can block the way and ambush them when they are going to go hunting the foods. Besides, it will be better if you can kill them in the larva stage. The last thing to do is spray an organic insect spray to the carpet or their home.

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Is there any information about carpet beetle?

As been described before, carpet beetle loves to eat silk, fur, wool, leather, and even animal hair. So, if you ask are carpet beetles harmful to cats, the answer is possibly yes. Here, you have to be careful if your cats like laying down on the carpet. In addition, you have to get rid of them immediately if you spot a carpet beetle.

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