Where do Carpet Beetles Come From?

March 28, 2018 | Carpet Beetles

There are many species of beetles on this planet and carpet beetles are one of them. People typically discover these beetles when they are in their homes. Carpet beetles get their name because they most commonly hide inside of people’s carpets. This is where they lay their eggs and produce larvae which feed on the carpets. Any material that is made from organic matter will be considered food to these carpet beetles. This not only includes carpets but furniture and clothes as well. That is why people are encouraged to either have synthetic carpeting on their floors or no carpeting at all.

The Outdoors

Obviously, the adult carpet beetles that lay their eggs in your home had to come from somewhere. Like all living things, carpet beetles come from the outdoors and then gradually find their way into people’s homes. Carpet beetles are mainly found in northern regions of the world, such as North Africa, North America, Central America, the Middle East, Europe and virtually all Mediterranean nations. You cannot really escape these carpet beetles wherever you go. The only option is to learn how to control them so that they don’t infest your home.

When you are looking for carpet beetles outdoors, you will typically find them feeding on roadkill or other dead animal parts. That is why they are attracted to wool, leather, hair, silk, feathers, and fur. If you have pets that go outside your home, you might want to make sure they go toward the back of your yard and not toward the front. If any of their furs were to shed close to the home, it would attract the carpet beetles. Aside from that, keep all animal products away from the siding of your home. The fewer beetles you attract out there, the better.

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How Do They Get Inside?

When carpet beetles are surviving outside, they feed on the nectar and pollen in which plants create. If you bring plants inside from the outside, you need to double check and make sure there are no carpet beetles on them. Also, you need to seal all the cracks that exist in the doors and windows of your home because these can be entryways for beetles to get inside. Other areas of your home where they can get inside include chimneys, vents, electrical conduits, and eaves. You should regularly clean and secure these areas the best you can to prevent them from getting in. However, it will be impossible to guarantee that they won’t get inside but you can still take all the precautions necessary to reduce the chances.

Why Do They Go Inside?

Even though carpet beetles like to hide in the dark, they are attracted to light. So, if they see light coming from your home, this will be a trigger for them to go toward it and keep warm.  Carpet beetles like to inhabit environments which have low levels of moisture and humidity. If they can find a dry dark place to lay their eggs, they will be very happy. Carpets are the perfect dry dark place for these beetles because not only can they hide their eggs there, but they also provide a plethora of food for the young beetles to consume. This means that they can survive in your carpets for a long time until they get discovered. By this point, your carpets will likely have been damaged and are now unrepairable.

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There are literally billions of carpet beetles in this world. You will never be able to get rid of them all, but you can kill the ones in your home and do the best you can to prevent new ones from coming back. The worst-case scenario is that you need to hire a pest control person to regularly treat your home.

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