Carpet Beetles Dermatitis: Symptoms and Best Treatments

March 13, 2018 | Carpet Beetles

Dermatitis is a skin condition that many people suffer from all around the world. It is generally described as skin that becomes itchy and inflamed. There are multiple types of dermatitis that you can get. The most common ones include seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and spongiotic dermatitis. However, there is another one called carpet beetle dermatitis which can cause you to have an itchy rash on the affected area of your skin.

Most doctors have trouble pinpointing exactly what causes someone’s dermatitis. However, carpet beetles obviously cause carpet beetle dermatitis because that is where the name comes from. Although the biting of carpet beetles can cause bad symptoms on your skin, actual dermatitis comes from a skin allergy that you have to these beetles. They could just crawl on your skin and their hairs will cause it to have an allergic reaction.

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The Top 4 Symptoms

1) Bite Marks – You will have little red sores or rashes on your skin after carpet beetles have bitten you there. There are so many types of insects which could have left similar marks from biting you, though. This may make it difficult for you to identify it as definitely being from carpet beetles.

2) Itchiness – Once you have been bitten by carpet beetles, the affected area is going to itch a lot. It is advised not to scratch this area too much or else you could make the itchiness worse.

3) Eye Irritation – Aside from itchy skin, you may experience itchy eyes or some other kind of eye irritation. Without the bite marks and itchiness of the skin, you probably wouldn’t recognize this as a symptom of the carpet beetle allergy.

4) Respiratory Tract Irritation – The worst symptom you will experience is a problem with your respiratory tract. You may experience trouble breathing as an extreme case of the carpet beetle allergy.

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The Best Treatments

Of course, the first and best treatment will be to eliminate the carpet beetles from your bedroom and any other environment where they are biting you. That way, you can have peace of mind in knowing that these symptoms will not get worse. After you have eliminated the carpet beetles and took steps to repel them away, you need to seek out treatments to reduce your existing symptoms. Below are a few of the best treatments for carpet beetle dermatitis.

1) Skin Cleanser – You need to keep the affected skin area cleansed at all times. Be sure to use a cleanser that is formulated for sensitive skin. There are some cleansers which might be too strong for your skin and it will further irritate the existing affected skin. Cetaphil and Neutrogena sell moisturizers for sensitive skin like this.

2) Hydrocortisone Cream – Hydrocortisone is a steroid cream which you can purchase over-the-counter. There are also stronger ones available if you get a prescription from a doctor or dermatologist. Hydrocortisone is great for temporary relief of the redness and itchiness symptoms. It works by suppressing the immune system and thinning out that area of the skin. For this reason, hydrocortisone is not for long-term use and should only be applied for a few days. It will not cure the overall problem but only give you relief.

3) Dermatologist – People have different levels of sensitivity when it comes to carpet beetle dermatitis. With the basic treatments mentioned here already, the basic symptoms should clear up within a couple of weeks. But if you are one of those people who is very sensitive to dermatitis and has very bad symptoms from it, then you will need to consult with a dermatologist about what to do. They may prescribe you a stronger cream or give you an entirely unique treatment that you cannot get anywhere else.

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