Carpet beetles Habitats and Its Bad Effects

Many of you are so curious about where do carpet beetles live. If people can understand about the common place where the beetle live, they will know about how to prevent it.  People will know about the bad effects of having carpet beetles inside the house. Here, we are going to tell you about the habitats of this pest and the negative effects of this pest spreading.

The places of the carpet beetles live

Commonly, carpet beetles live in the nectar and plant. Then, some of them attract to go inside your house through the flowers, furniture and sometimes they fly at night and follow the light from inside your house. People can find some kinds of carpet beetles in some sides of your house. Sometimes, people can find a lot of carpet beetle inside the bathroom, in the furniture, in the carpet and even you can find them inside the dry food or food container, such as: corn, pet food and any other grains. People can also find this insect on the flowers and plants. So, people need to check the plant’s condition before bring it inside your home.

The bad effects caused by carpet beetles

  1. It eats some kind of organic materials from the fabric, like wool, cotton, fur, silk and any other kinds of fabrics. It can cause a damage to your cloth, carpet and towel. It will eat and make a hole to those kinds of fabrics. You might get a surprise because of the broken clothes. It also like to stay in the wet and moist cloth. People need to wash the cloth routinely to prevent the risk of carpet beetles infestation.
  2. You have to be careful with the furniture in your kitchen. You have to put some kinds of the ingredients in the box which is covered by the lid. The carpet beetles like to eat the starchy food. They are attracted to eat some kinds of seeds like corn, mung bean, soybean. They also like to eat some pastas, cereals and grains. You don’t need to be surprised if you find the area a lot of small animal that you can find in the box of your starchy foods.
  3. The larvae of carpet beetles can destroy some kinds of your furniture. The like to eat the furniture materials.
  4. The carpet beetles infections can cause the healthy risk. People can get some skin problems such as itchy, sores, and irritation. They might get a serious allergy because of this pest. It will also be the dangerous thing for your kids, especially the one who like to stay on the carpet.

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Moreover, you have learned about where do carpet beetles live. People can find some of the carpet beetles around your house and even its households. You have to regularly clean and mop your house furniture to remove this pest growth. Then, for your carpet, you can vacuum the pest using a vacuum cleaner. People need to prevent the carpet beetles’ development to reduce the risk of this pest growth.