5 Easy Tips to Remove the Carpet Beetles in the Bathroom

July 19, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Do you know that there are some effects which can be caused by the carpet beetle? Carpet beetle can cause itchy, rashes, sores, redness and even a severe allergy. The first thing that you need to do to prevent the carpet beetle development is by clean your bathroom. Many people ask how to remove carpet beetles in the bathroom. Here, I will tell you how to remove it and I will tell you about some tips in removing carpet beetles.

How to remove carpet beetles in the bathroom

  1. First, people need to clean and brush all of the bathroom surfaces and people can use the bleach to kill all of the carpet beetles and its eggs inside the bathroom. Then, if you think it is so difficult to be cleaned, you can put some of the hot water to ease you in cleaning the bathroom surfaces.
  2. People need to clean and wash the closet regularly. They have to be careful and pay attention to the small holes around the floor and walls. It can be the place of this pests to stay in. people need to vacuum and mop the floor regularly.
  3. Take away all of the clothes and towel from the bathroom. You have to put it outside. Because the wet cloth and towel can develop the growth of the carpet beetle eggs. They can produce the egg and hide it around the dirty clothes. Then, for the tips, you can wash the towel once in a week. And, it is better you wash and rinse it using a soapy hot water to kill all of the pest and eggs.
  4. Then, you have to make the cabinet empty and clean the drawers with the bleach. It is good to take the trash outside. Don’t put the trash bin inside the bathroom. It will be an interesting thing which attract the carpet beetle appearance. Then, if you want to put the bin inside, you have to routinely clean it or take out the trash every day.
  5. You have to remove hair, web spider and the dead bugs from your bathroom. It cannot attract the carpet beetle to come into your bathroom, because they might become the carpet beetle’s food.

The best traps to destroy the carpet beetle

  1. People can use the pesticide and spray it around the bathroom. It will help to kill the pest and destroy all of the egg. The substance which is contained in the pesticide will remove the carpet beetle development.
  2. You can buy the sticky traps. It is better to place the sticky traps in some corner of the bathroom. It is good to put it under and inside the cabinet, under the drawers to reduce the growth of this pest.

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So, these are some methods that you can use to kill the carpet beetle. This pest might disturb and cause the allergy to some of people. Then, people need to learn about how to remove carpet beetles in the bathroom properly to get the great result.

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