Top 5 Best Cat Breeds for Catching Mice

August 24, 2017 | Mice

Finding the best cats for catching mice is important. If you keep cats at home as pet in order to get rid all mice in the house, you really need to know first the breeds of cat that have good instinct in catching mice. Naturally, all cats have instinct to catch mice. However, some breeds of cat are not that aggressive in hunting down the mice. So, if you want a mice-free house by keeping a cat as pet, below are several breeds of cat that you need to keep. Surely, they will be the best cats for catching mice.

  1. Chartreux

This breed is not a common breed of cat to keep as pet. However, this French cat has been famous for its amazing hunting instinct. Chartreux breed makes great mice hunter because this breed of cat is very muscular, strong, and basically they are born hunters. They are very fast, great at fetching, and have great sense of vision. Do not be afraid of this breed of cat, though, because Chartreux is going to be very tame, calm, and cool when they are not in the chase with mice.

  1. Siamese

Siamese is the sleek-looking cat breed that has been well-known for years as the mice hunter. The physical features of this breed of cat allow them to be fast, sneaky, and aggressive when they are hunting mice. Even though this breed of cat is often associated with monks and priesthood peaceful life, they are hands down professionals when it comes to mice hunting.

  1. Siberian

If you are familiar with Siberian Husky, you must have guessed what a Siberian cat would be like. Yes, this breed of cat is the same as the canine. They both come from the  colder climates, like Russia. Siberian cat has everything to be a great mice hunter. They are huge. They can weigh over 20 pounds. Most of their bodies are covered by thick furs. They have great sense of smell and vision to help them hunting down mice easily.

  1. Maine Coon

Named after one of the states in the USA, the Maine Coon is indeed one of the most famous cat breeds in the country. Beside of its gracious look, the Maine Coon is also known for its amazing mice hunting instinct. This breed of cat is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. It has huge body with long furs. This breed of cat will stop at nothing when they are in the mice hunting. However, when they are not in the mice hunting job, they are quite adorable and cute pets.

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  1. American Shorthair

This is one of the most common breeds of cat to be kept as pet. They are very obedient, clever, and great at mice hunting. When they are not in the chase with mice, they are very affectionate, tame, and adorable. On the country, they can morph into fierce mice hunting machine when they want to hunt down some mice. This is why American Shorthair is one of the best cats for catching mice that you can keep as pet.

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