Top 11 Causes of Carpet Beetles Infestation in Your Home

March 10, 2018 | Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are a common pest that can be found in most residential homes. They belong to a skin beetle family known as Dermestidae. If the carpet beetles are in their larvae stage, they will search around in the dark looking for food. They like to eat the natural fibers of many common items found in homes, such as furniture, rugs, carpets, and clothes. Many homeowners are forced to purchase carpets and clothing made from synthetic material. This is the only way to stop the carpet beetles from damaging these items since they only eat natural fibers and not synthetic fibers.

The Top 11 Causes

Below are the top 11 causes of carpet beetle infestations in homes.

1) Cracked Openings

Carpet beetles live in hidden locations. By nature, they are found hiding in flowers, leaves, and tree bark. If any of these things are located near your home, the carpet beetles are more likely going to infest the interior of your property. If there is a cracked window or small crack in your door or wall, they will take advantage of that to get inside your home.

2) Food

Carpet beetles are attracted to certain food types for feeding their larvae. Food that will attract carpet beetles includes fish, spices, cornmeal, potatoes, cereals, and grain. They will also eat dead insects, silk, wool, and velvet fur.

3) Warmth

Carpet beetles want to be warm. If it is getting colder outside, they will seek the warmth of your home for shelter. Once they get inside, they will want to hide in a dark place. This is usually either the window curtain or natural fibrous carpet.

4) Egg Storage

Carpet beetles get their name because they are best known for hiding their eggs inside the carpets of homes. That is where it is warm, and they can hide their young before they turn into larvae.

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5) Pet Food

Carpet beetles love dried pet food, whether it is for a dog or cat. If you have pet dishes filled with dried food, then it will be easier for carpet beetles to find the food and actually start living in the dish.

6) Natural Fibers

As previously indicated, carpet beetles consume natural fibers for food. If you have a carpet that is not synthetic, then you are practically inviting these carpet beetles into your home. It is also the easiest place for them to access.

7) Window Curtains

Window curtains are another place that carpet beetles are attracted too because they can live and hide their eggs there. If they are coming in through the window, this is the first place they will stay.

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8) Furniture

If you have a lot of furniture made from natural fibers, you are creating a very comfortable place for carpet beetles to hide and store eggs. As they’re living on your furniture, they will be consuming it. This will cause damage to your furniture.

9) Wool Toys

If you have shelves with wool items on them, like wool toys, then carpet beetles will want to feast on them. It will be even worse if the wool toys are on the ground.

10) Wool Rugs

Aside from carpets, you don’t want to have any natural fibrous rugs either. Wool Rugs are especially bad because they attract nearby carpet beetles all the time. They are even warmer and denser for the beetles to hide in.

11) No Pest Control

If you want to keep out carpet beetles from your home, then you need to get your property regularly serviced by a pest control technician. They will spray the outside of your property and set traps to ensure that they don’t gain entry to your home.

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