The centipede bite look like and proper treatments

Centipedes are not the most harmful pests which live closer with humans, however, surely that they are one of the crappiest and scariest creatures. There are many reasons for being scared of them, including their incredible speed of movement and weird look and chance to get bite as well. Then the questions arise, how harmful is centipede bite? What does a centipede bite look like? And more. This is also one reason why centipede becomes scariest creature for some people.

How much is frequency of this centipede bites?

You might not know that the centipede bites do not be counted in United States, however there is a change that it might be counted in most of southwestern and southern sites where there is wider range species occur. However, this centipede’s bite does not occur as much as ant, hornet or wasp did.

The specialist from Georgia Cooperative Extension University had been stated that centipedes are not venomous but there are many types of centipedes have the venomous gland.  Arthropods need to rake their prey and consume it. The venom also protects the centipedes from becoming someone’s prey. They also have unpleasant odor which can make the predators move away.

What does a centipede bite look like

In the bite’s site, you can see:

–               There are two puncture scars, one of the puncture scars had been modified by the leg claws and sometime left you with radiating pain along with redness and swollen in your injected skin.

However this pain does not last over than several years or days, some victims had been compared the centipede bites with bee sting. You might experience more severe symptoms, if you are:

–               Getting more severe itchy feeling, headache, local tenderness, feeling dizziness, nausea, swollen in your lymph glands, anxiety and you get higher level of blood pressure.

–               Experiencing damage in local tissue

Besides that, you might get small wound which had been combined with the centipede’s venom that can cause blister in the way between the claws. Therefore, this is important to call your doctor to get best recommendation for treatment.

Treatments to reveal the centipede bite

The national statistic center had been reported that there is “possible” of death which caused by centipede bites in United State in year of 1991 and 2001, even there is no documentary evidence. If you had bite, you can wash your wound using soap and water to prevent any possibility of infection. The other treatment, you can use ice pack within 10 minutes in injected skin or you also able to contact local anesthetic provider to relieve your pain. You can look for health provider if you experiencing more severe reaction.

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Well, you should not be worry about paper or furniture in your house; because of centipedes are not moths or silverfish. They will never interest with your stuffs. In other hand, there are several