Is Centipedes Noctural Animal?

Is Centipedes Noctural Animal? This kind of question perhaps ever bumped your head when you see centipede around your house or other places. If you are curious about it, you will get your answer by reading this article. Not only the food source, you will also get a new knowledge and facts about centipede that you never known before.

General information of centipede

Centipede includes in the class of chilopoda. Its name actually has the meaning of 100 legs. However, it does not mean that centipede really has this many legs. The average centipede only has for about 30 pairs of legs. Centipede has many segments on their body. On every segment, it grows a pair of leg. the color of centipede varies from brown, reddish orange, or yellowish. The size of centipede also comes in ranges from 4 until 152 mm.

Centipede is a nocturnal

If you remember the times when you often see centipede, you will realize that most of it happened in the night. It is because centipede includes in the nocturnal animals. They really love to stay in dark places with high moist. When the place covered by soil or any other damn foliage, it would be more lovely for centipede to stay there for a longer time.

Centipede is a carnivorous animal

Do not imagine a large animal such as rats or rabbit as centipede’s food. Centipede usually eat small insect like spider, earthworms, roaches, pill bug, flies, moths, crickets and many more. Because of this characteristic, some people thought that centipede is not a very destructive animal after all. It would be very useful to have centipedes in home for getting rid of other insects naturally. On the other hand, people who are very scared of this animal would never have the same opinion.

Centipede has a pair of antennae on their head. It has a very sensitive respond to smell. Therefore, this antenna becomes the most important body part for a centipede to detect its prey. Centipede has the ability to make its prey hard to move by injecting the venom from its body.

However, there is always a unique kind in every animal species. It goes the same for centipede as well. Centipede that could grow into a giant size, like what can be found in Amazon, could have a bigger prey to fulfill its stomach. It often prefers snakes, bats, lizards, mice, birds and even frog as its prey.

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Centipede could bite

Besides the danger of its venom, centipede is also one of many animals that you should not touch without any protection. It is because they actually could bite you. Centipede could cause human to swell up or even have a fever. The giant centipede in Vietnamese is even able to cause death, especially for person who is allergic to toxin. Although not all kinds of centipede is life threatening, it would be better not to play with them.