Are The Centipedes Poisonous To Cats? Find the Real Answer Here!

October 26, 2017 | Centipedes


Do you know an insect which has around 15 pairs of legs? It is a centipede. Here, this insect lives in our home. The special ability which the centipede has is it can run quickly on the walls and the ceilings. When you are looking for an insect which can kill and eat insects in your home, the centipede will be the one that does the job. However, if you have pets – especially cats – you may have a question like; are centipedes poisonous to cats? In common, people are worried because they often find out that their cats eat centipede. So, to make that problem becomes clear, here we are going to share you some information about centipedes.

Centipedes and Cats

When we talk about the poison they have, the answer will be definitely yes. Why? Because when they go hunting for food, they will inject the venom through their fangs into the prey. However, when this issue is compared to the reality, you will find no evidences that the centipedes are dangerous to your pets – especially cats. Here, the venom which contains in this insect, is mild. So, it can only affect the small insects like cockroaches, bedbugs, spiders, silverfish, and termites. If you meet a problem which is caused by centipedes, it usually relates to the allergy problem. In this case, your cats can be allergic or tolerant.

Why do the cats eat centipedes?

Actually, cats are attracted to anything strange or odd. When they find small insects, cats will try to play with them or even eat them. It depends on their mood. Usually, they kill the insects – like centipedes – just for fun. However, if you find that your cats eat centipedes, you don’t need to be worried. Here, the centipede poison will not cause any harm thing to your cats. As been described before, the poison will only work well on the small insects. In addition, it is normal if cats like eating small animal. We know that the scary look of centipedes will makes you worried. But, you have to throw that kind of feeling anymore from now on.

Do I have to eliminate the centipedes in my house?

When you are going to kill the centipedes in your house, it is better for you to think twice before killing that scary insect. Again, we have already told you that this kind of arthropod can kill other pests like cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, silverfish, and spiders. So, when you find the centipedes in your house, the best way that you have to do is just remove the centipedes to other places. Besides, the centipedes will make any trouble in your house. Why? Because they are not an insect who like bothering other creature if they are not getting bothered – unless if they are hunting.

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Is there any information?

Again, if you find out the question like; are centipedes poisonous to cats? The answer is now clear enough. When your cats get stung by centipedes, the effects will be gone in a few hours. However, this problem only comes when your cats are allergic to the poison of centipedes.

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