Chickens VS Mice: And Tips To Prevent Mice Get in the Chicken Cage

August 28, 2017 | Mice

Do chickens eat mice? There are many people who ask that question. Chicken breeders want to know the food eaten by the chicken. Chickens can eat all the ingredients and mice can also be eaten by the chicken. Chickens do eat mice but these animals do not always eat mice. You may see that the chicken runs next to the mouse and does not eat the mice. Chickens also destroy the mice that enter into the chicken coop. If the chicken eats a mouse, then the chicken may have actively attacked the mice. If you see that the chicken does not eat mice, then the chicken does not see that the mouse is in the cage. Mice will come to the cage when the chicken is asleep. The chicken will sleep soundly and not realize that the mice will chew the legs of the chicken. Mice can also pull chicken feathers during sleep. This is the condition that causes the chicken to eat the mice because the chicken just wants to survive the attack of the mice.

Tips to prevent mice get in your chicken cage

Below are some common tips to prevent the mice get in the chicken cage:

Cover the Small Hole

The chicken coop must have many holes. You cannot make a hole that can be entered by the chicken. You must create a cage with a small hole that cannot be entered by a mouse. You must make sure that all the holes are in the right place.

Plant Mint

This plant can repel mice because it has a stinging smell. You can make a fence around the cage using the plant. Mint is a plant with a natural odor that makes mice do not want to get into the chicken coop. You can sprinkle fresh leaves and dried mint into the cage. The chicken nest should also be sprinkled with mint leaves. Mice will never come to the chicken coop.

Cat Barn

This is an important place in your home. You can build a cat cage near the chicken coop to prevent chickens from eating mice. Mice will surely be afraid of cats. The cat does not need to enter the chicken coop. You can put a fence that cannot be passed by your cat. The cat will keep your chickens from attacking mice. Mice will see your cat and run to distant places.

Do Not Give Food at Night

You should not feed your chickens at night because chickens cannot see clearly at night. Chickens will not eat at night and this makes Mice come to the cage to eat the chicken food. You have to remove the remaining food from the cage so that Mice cannot enter the cage. Chicken leftovers can be a source of food for these mice.

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All these steps can be done easily. If you have lots of chickens, then you definitely do not want to see your chicken eating a mouse. You have to build a comfortable cage to keep the mice away from the chicken coop. Maybe you can buy mouse bait that can be found in the pet store easily. You just have to follow all the steps to keep your cock out of dirty Mice.

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