The Difference Between Chigger Bites and Mosquito Bites

Have you known the differences between chigger bites and mosquito bites? You are better to know about chigger bites vs mosquito bites to make you know the best treatment when experiencing the bite. Yes, mosquito and chigger can be found in various areas. So, we have a risk to be bitten by chigger or mosquito. How to prevent it? Let’s find the answer by reading some information below.

Chigger Bites VS Mosquito Bites

When you find red bump on your skin, you may be curious about the type of animal that has bite you. There are so many animals can cause red bump. But if the red bump is itching like crazy, we may think that chigger or mosquito that has bitten our skin.

What are the differences between chigger and mosquito bites? Let’s we talk about chigger and mosquito first. Although the both of them eat blood, they cause difference effect to our skin. Chigger looks so tiny, even it can’t be seen directly without using microscope. Different from chigger, mosquito still can be seen by us and we can easily recognize it through its sound.

Because chigger is tiny animal, we may feel so difficult to see it. We will know about the existence of chigger after we have bitten by that animal. So, what are the characteristics of chigger bites? Is it different from mosquito?

Actually, chigger can stay under our clothes, so chigger can bite much area in our skin, such as ankles, back of knees, waist, crotch, and also armpits. Different from chigger, mosquito usually bites skin area that is not covered by cloth.

Besides location of bites, chigger bite looks different from mosquito bites. Chigger also cause red bump, but it has little red pimple-like bumps in the center of the bites. Mosquitoes just cause single color red bump without pimply bump. Not only that, chigger bites will cause itchiness after several hours, while mosquito bites will cause itchiness soon after you are bitten.

How to Prevent Chigger and Mosquito Bites

Getting chigger and mosquito bites may be so annoying for so many people. So, we have to know the best way to prevent chigger and mosquito bites. The simple way we can do is protecting our skin by wearing tightly woven clothes. Make sure you wear tightly woven clothes that cover your skin and don’t expose your skin.

Other way you can do is applying insect repellent to your clothes. This tip is good to prevent chigger bites. For you who want to prevent mosquito bites, you can use special lotion for keeping mosquito away from your skin. Whenever you see mosquito or chigger on skin, you have to remove them as soon as possible. If you have bitten, you can bath as soon as possible to reduce effect of chigger or mosquito bites.

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Those are some information for you about chigger bites vs mosquito bites. We can conclude that chigger bites and mosquito bites are different. After reading about chigger bites vs mosquito bites above, hopefully you will not confuse anymore about characteristics of chigger bites and mosquito bites.