The Best Homemade Cockroach Killer Bait

April 24, 2017 | Cockroach

You can easily make your own bait to kill cockroaches using something you probably have in  your cupboard, baking soda. This article will explain a very effective DIY approach to getting rid of those nasty little pests:

DIY Cockroach Killer Bait

Cockroaches are like most living beings when it comes to the basic needs of survival, as long as they have food, water and housing they’ll be just fine. Unfortunately, while living in your home, all their needs are met. If they weren’t, then they’d move on and go live with one of your neighbors. Being logical, it seems pretty simple, if you stopped fulfilling their needs, mainly shelter, they would disappear. However, cockroaches are very good at hiding and can easily find a lot of hiding places in a nice warm home.

When a home is cluttered it lays out the wecome mat for roaches because the more stuff there is, the more places there are to hide, even if the home is perfectly clean. Roaches can sneak in almost anywhere, even beneath labels on canned food because the glue so tasty. They can hide inside kitchen cupboards and drawers, behind the refrigerator, inside paper bags, discarded newspapers, and even in toy boxes. If you’d like to try getting rid of them yourself here is how you can make the bait right in your kitchen:

How To Make Your Bait


Container that seals closed, like a jar or plastic container with snap-on lid.


Small shallow containers. The perfect ones for this would be large plastic bottle caps or tiny dishes. They must be sufficiently shallow so that cockroaches will have no trouble reaching the DIY bait inside.


Granulated sugar

Fresh baking soda (or baking powder)


Mix equal parts granulated sugar with baking soda (or baking powder). Place the resulting mixture into the container, sealing it closed. Shake it several times to evenly distribute the mixture. Using your funnel, pour a small portion into your small shallow containers, whether you’re using bottle caps or tiny dishes.

How to use:

Place your containers with the cockroach-killing mixture in dark corners and other places where you suspect cockroaches could be roaming around your home. The sweetness of the sugar will attract them to come eat the mixture, but once they ingest the baking soda (or powder) in the mixture and then drink water, their stomach will start expanding and that is what kills them.

Your small shallow containers should be sufficiently shallow so that cockroaches can easily get to the mixture inside. While this bait is not toxic to children or animals in these small doses, it would still be best to keep it where they can’t get to it because you do not want them to eat or touch anything that cockroaches may have been in contact with.

How long it takes:

This DIY home remedy does not work instantly due to the following:

  1. First they must discover this new food
  2. Ingest the mixture
  3. And then drink some water

That being said, you should notice a definite reduction in the number of cockroaches in your home within a few days. If not, maybe you need to adjust the mixture because they may not be eating it or perhaps you didn’t put enough baking soda in the bait to make it explosive.

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If you decide not to tackle your cockroach problem yourself, you might want to call a pest control company or exterminator, although they can get a bit pricey. However, most people find that once they decide to take care of their cockroach problem themselves, they were able to get rid of them quite easily.

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