3 Common Types of Bed Bug

June 13, 2017 | Bed Bugs

Bed bug is small insect that usually feed on other creature blood, including human. Actually, there are many different bed bugs that we can find in the world. But, if we are talking about bed bugs problem that usually happen in people house, there are three of them that can be found frequently. Here they are with some explanation.

Cimex lectularius

This is the common bed bugs that you can find in many household all over the world. If you have bed bugs problem, there is big chance that this type of bed bugs that attack your house. This type of bed bugs is also known as the type that can adapt really well in human environment.  This bug can be found on area with temperate climates. So, in US, this bug is the common bed bugs you can find.

To differentiate this type of bed bugs, there are several criteria you can find on it, such as:

  • Size is around 4 to 6 mm.

  • It has short hairs in all over its body.

  • Its body shape is flat and round.

  • The color is rusty red and it turned into bright red, after sucking your blood.

In order to see those sign, maybe, you will need to use magnifying glass and flashlight. There are some products that you can use to exterminate this kind of bed bugs. So, knowing the type is important. You can choose right product, to get better result from it.

Cimex hemipterus

This bed bug is also known as tropical bed bugs. And, like its name, this bed bug lives in warm climates area. Other than tropical country, in US, Florida is one of the areas where this bug can be found. It used to be the bed bug that feed on animal. However, because the population of human that keep growing larger, they can’t get enough food source from the animal that move because of human. In the end, they also attack human.

Compared to first type of bed bugs, this bed bug has larger size. for full grown adult, its size can reach 6 to 15 mm. the most distinctive habit of Cimex hemipterus is it doesn’t like bright area and light. Therefore, it usually really active at night, plus it hide on the dark place in your house. If you want to search for it, use flashlight to attract them to get out from their nest.

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Cimex adjunctus

This bed bug is also living in tropical climates. However, it’s different than Cimex hemipterus. It doesn’t feed on human. Its main food source is bat, therefore it get name as bat bugs. However, there are many cases where this bug also feed on human blood. Usually, it can happen if there are not enough food sources for them, for example there is migration of their food source. So, in order to survive they choose human as food source. But, this condition can only happen on rare frequent. So, you don’t need to worry, just use the standard bed bug prevention, and you can protect yourself from this bug. ( Click here to return to the home page )

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