Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Carpet Beetles?

July 27, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are actually very common to be found in our house. The pests will usually damage the fabric-based materials, but it is also possible for them to address our food products. Naturally, carpet beetles live outdoors, but due to the improper screened windows and sealed doors, this pest can freely come inside the houses. Dealing with them is sometimes very troublesome, since they are very tiny, small, and to-difficult to be sold out.

Types of Carpet Beetles

There are some types of carpet beetles, and those types are then classified into two different groups: Furniture and Common Carpet Beetles, and Varied and Black Carpet Beetles. The first three types of carpet beetles have various wing colors and share almost similar size and the shape is rather oval. Meanwhile, the black one has different physical characteristics. Its color is black, and it has an oblong shape. The size ranges from around 0.125 inches up to 0.1875 inches in length. The beetles have a complete metamorphosis, meaning that they grow through egg, larva, pupa, up to adult stage. Different from the other types of carpet beetles, the black carpet beetle larva is hairy and has white and tan stripes on its body.

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Carpet Beetles?

What is diatomaceous earth, actually? Diatomaceous earth is a product that can effectively kill various kinds of pests. So, how does diatomaceous earth kill carpet beetles? People usually think that any pest control products always work by poisoning the pests. However, it will not happen if you use diatomaceous earth. The product can get rid of the beetles by drying them out. The oil and fat loss can lead them to death due to the dehydration. Therefore, this product cannot harm you at all.

Diatomaceuous earth could be applied at any place where the direct contact to the pests may happen. Every time you recognize the point where the pest is located, what you need to do is just applying the product and making sure to cover the area and to block any routes that could be used as the best’ access to escape using the product

However, you must be patient since the use of diatomaceous earth will not give an instant result. You need more than a single week to get rid of all of the pests available in your house. It happens this way because the oil contained in pest’ shells can only be soaked up after a certain period of time, so that it could be completely worn down. Besides, the pest which is not directly exposed to the product will not kill, since, again, diatomaceous earth is not a poisonous product.

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Therefore, in order to protect your house from the pest invasion, you need to regularly cleanse your house besides being assisted by the pest control product. You can wash the fabric-based materials, or you can also employ the vacuum cleaner to effectively trap the beetles. The infestation of carpet beetle can spread. Therefore, you should anticipate it by preventing their migration by regularly cleanse your house. In this case, the use of a vacuum cleaner in combination with diatomaceous earth may help a lot

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