The Difference Between Centipedes and Millipedes

There are a lot questions related with difference between centipedes and millipedes, including of is the millipede also poisonous? How about the centipedes? Do both of them also have 100 legs? Lets find out the answer.

Both of centipede and millipede are arthropods which had been known of having long bodies with lots of legs, however, that is about as far as their similarities. If you think that both of them are poisonous, you will be surprised when knowing that one of this long leg species is venomous. Both of them have the segment bodies and involving in Myriapoda group. They breathe through the spiracles and do not have direct copulatory organ. But, there are many differences between centipede and millipede.

The differences in centipedes

  • Centipedes are group of chilopoa class of the arthropods.
  • One of difference between centipede and millipede was that the centipede only has one set of legs in each body segment.
  • There are many people think that all centipedes have 100 legs. They can have around 30 to 345 legs.
  • The most interesting, there is no centipede has an even number of their leg sets. This is means that there is no centipede which naturally have 100 legs.
  • When it comes to lengths, the centipedes can grow anywhere from one to twelve inches which also depending on their species.
  • All of the centipedes have the long antennae and carnivorous predator. They also have large jaws that they used to kill and paralyze their prey as well.

There are many centipedes were venomous, though not all of them. The maxillipeds in this centipede contain of venomous gland which help them hunt. Firstly, they will use their powerful front leg to catch their pray then kill their pray by inject it with venom; this is true that centipedes can bite a person; this bite can cause allergic reaction that similar with bee sting. The bigger centipedes, however, the more painful that you night get. Especially for kid or person who has allergy toward other insects might get more severe reaction.

The differences in millipedes

  • Millipedes are group of diplopoda class from arthropods.
  • They has been characterized by having two sets of long legs in each segment body, you should note that centipede only having one pair of legs in each segment body, this is become one of significant difference between centipedes and millipedes.
  • Millipedes do not have the powerful venom jaws and antennae were shorter.
  • Unlike centipedes, millipedes are scavengers which like to feed in the decaying organic materials, such as: compos and leaves.
  • You might had been taught that millipedes were having 1000 legs. This is make sense, if you think so. However, different types of millipedes also have different numbers of legs.

Because of the powerful look and has many legs, millipedes were commonly confused with the centipedes. Unfortunately, this thing makes the millipedes have poor reputation. You should know that millipedes are not poisonous. The millipede will never bite or sting you as the defense mechanism.