The Difference between Mice and Rats

August 29, 2017 | Mice

Similar but not the same, that’s mice and rats. These two types of rodents are often present in our homes, but we must assume they are the same. Actually there are many differences between the two. Here below you will get more information about the difference between mice and rats.

  1. Size

The size between mouse and mouse differs visually. Rat (Rattus rattus or Rattus norvegicus) has a larger size than mice (Mus musculus), such as rats with long tail and hairy also scaly. Rat length can reach 40cm or more if measured from muzzle to tip of tail. And certainly more severe than the mice. The color they have is not much different from the mice, there is white, gray, light brown, dark brown, black, and there is also a combination with white. Rat has a more blunt snout than mice. Mice have a length of 12-20cm when measured from muzzle to tail tip with 12-30 gram weight. Their color can be white, gray, light brown, dark brown, black, with a long mustache. Adult mice have a longer, thinner ear shape with a feathered tail. Mice can live up to 6 years in captivity even though they live less than 1 year in nature.

  1. Feces

Their feces size is different. Mice has a small fecal size, while the size of the stool rats large lengthwise. Basically these two rodents eat all kinds of food. But rats eat more than mice. Larger body size makes the rats also require greater food and energy intake. Both are different genus but still in one sub-family of Muridae. Rats and mice are social animals, shy who are active at night with their territory. They can also be cannibals if hungry, even eating their own children.

  1. Gestation

These two small mammals have different gestation times. Mice gestation period is 20 days and he will give birth to children weighing 0.5 g – 1.5 g. While the gestation period of the rats is one month by producing larger children weighing 3 g – 8 g.

  1. Habitat

Mice are house mouse, whose are native animal of Asia, India, and Western Europe. This species is now found worldwide for human recognition. Rats are animals that live together, stay inside during cold weather and move outside during spring and summer, wild forms, stay out all their lives, and confined animals, continue to research, testing, and teaching. Although wild rats are active at night, but pet mice have periods of activity during day and night. Rats eat human food and household goods. In the wild, rats eat grains, fleshy roots, leaves, stems, insects, and some meats, if available. Wild rats and built nests everywhere and suitable desserts exist. So in conclusion, mice used to live in any house or building, whereas rats usually live in the wild, in rivers, in valleys, in paddy fields, or on the streets. But, rats also can live in the house. But rats can also stay in the house and survive there. However mice will be difficult to survive if staying outdoors because of its small size making it difficult to defend themselves from the attacks of predatory animals in the wild.

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The above information is about the difference between mice and rats. Now you know that the two rodents are different.

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