The Best Diy Exterminators to Get Rid of Mice

August 10, 2017 | Mice

Well, let me say that there are so many ways other than the traditional mouse traps in order to make the rodents away from your house. Mouse is small and some people will take it as a cute animal. But once they intrude you house, your life will never be the same anymore. In this article, I will show you the ways to get rid of these little house intruders and of course exterminators will be the quickie problem solvers. But before you hire them, there are several ways you should try.

Front-line traps

It is the most traditional way to kill the rodents. Even though not all mice will check the trap out, there will be one or more inquisitive mice that look at the trap especially if you leave the favorite food of them like peanut butter. Other than that, mice are the curious creatures so it can be a good first step to kill or at least scare them away.

Mousetraps come with three types. The classic one is the snap traps. There is also glued or sticky trap that will make the mice stuck on the trap once they step their feet on it. The third type is the live traps. It is equipped with some mechanical things so they can catch more than one mouse alive.

For your information, mice love bacon with peanut butter, chocolate, seeds, and some foods with good smell. Do not go with cheese. You can eat it for yourself.

Unconventional killing machine

There are also several brands that offer the unconventional killing machine. You can use the ordinary bait just like the classic one. But the trap will work automatically especially if you buy one of them that equipped with the electricity. One of them can fry the mice once they get into the trap. The other type will make the mouse’s head trapped inside the ring made of rubber. They will slowly die due to the ring suffocates their neck.

There is also a type of the modern mousetrap with unique result. When the mice get into the trap, the tunnel will be shut and sealed. After that there will be carbon dioxide in the tunnel in deadly dose. This type is really famous and already advertised.


Some people will go with poison if traps only could not overcome the trouble. There are several brands that offer the deadly baits that come in pellet forms. Whatever the substances contained in the pellet, it can make the mouse die slowly or really fast. Some of the products also claim that the dead mice will not produce foul smell even though they were already dead since days.

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As I always said, mice are the real intruder with disease inside them. So killing the mice will be a good option you should take. Or you can consider the Diy Exterminators to Get Rid of Mice.

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