Do Bed Bugs Have Wings and Can Fly?

June 14, 2017 | Bed Bugs

There are a lot of myths that float around about bed bugs. Since they obviously don’t originate from your bed, where do they come from? People often assume that bed bugs fly into their rooms and lay eggs in their bed. The truth is that bed bugs do not fly at all because they do not have wings. If you see an adult bed bug that is fully matured, it may have wing pads but that is all. Wing pads are basically undeveloped wings which cannot be used for flying. They are located between the head and the abdomen of the bed bug. However, it is very hard to see the wing pads unless you get very close to the bug. Since most people don’t like getting close to the bugs, they don’t bother to examine its physical body all that much.

Identifying Bed Bugs

You don’t want to just look for wing pads as a way of identifying whether you have bed bugs or not. Don’t forget that only adult bed bugs have those wing pads. When your bed bugs are just baby nymphs, they will not show any signs of having wing pads. Therefore, you need to educate yourself on the physical characteristics of bed bugs and stop relying on the wing myth as a way of identifying them.

People often mistake ticks for being bed bugs because their bodies have very similar shapes. But one difference is that bed bugs have six legs and ticks have eight legs. Bed bugs are also slightly longer than ticks and measure about 0.25 inches in length when they are fully grown. The top of their bodies will be totally flat too, while ticks may appear more round on top. If you have baby bed bugs, then you will be in for a challenge because they are very small. These babies measure out to only 1mm in length which means you likely won’t find them until they find you first. Most of the time, they are hiding in dark areas of your home to conceal themselves.

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The “Bed” Myth

Yes, they are called bed bugs because they like to hide in your mattress and create a nest with their eggs in it. Mattresses are dark and warm places for them to feel safe and protected. However, this does not mean they only exist in your bed because they will hide and nest in any area of your home that is dark and warm. It does not necessarily have to be just your bed. People are more sensitive about the bed issue because this is where they sleep and will often be subjected to bug bites as a result. Unfortunately, your flesh is viewed as food to them which is why they bite in the first place.


If you are worried about getting chewed alive in the middle of the night, there are precautions that you can take to reduce your chances of getting bit by them. Bug spray is not one of them because it has proven to be ineffective. Besides, would you really want to sleep on a bed that was sprayed with insecticides and other chemicals? That might cause you to get sick from it.

The best thing you can do is inspect your bed prior to sleeping on it. Be sure to vacuum your carpets and rugs constantly and make sure all cracks and holes in the wall are sealed. Also, bed bugs are known for crawling onto people’s clothes and getting carried into their homes. So, if you sit down on a park bench or do some outdoor activity outside where you are immobile, check your clothes and make sure there are no bed bugs stuck to you.

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