Do Bed Bugs Live and Make a Nest in The Wood?

June 15, 2017 | Bed Bugs

Do bed bugs live in wood? Do they make nest? We are always wondering why these small creatures disturb us by living in our bed or sofa. They’re also found in the dresser. Actually, are they able to live everywhere? Or do they have specific place to a habitat? Let’s find out!

Bed Bugs Habitat

We know that bed bugs are very small and even smaller than fleas. They also have dark or even transparent look which make them hard to catch. People who find out that they have been bitten by these bed bugs will recognize it quickly as it’s so itchy and reddish. Usually, if the bedbugs haven’t moved too far from the place where they feed, we’re still able to find them. They will get darker and bigger after the fed. At this moment, we will find them easier, even though they may hide somewhere under the mattress or in the dark area. Besides the reddish and itchy bumps, to know the existence of these bed bugs, we can find them using flashlight at night. They look shiny when they get caught by the flashlight in the dark. From this, you can start clearing the area that may be infected.

The habitat of bed bugs can be everywhere in your room. They may live on your bed, in your mattress, on your bed sheet, in the dresser, on the couch, and so on. It’s good to know that the spreading of bed bugs is very fast and wide. Remember that they can’ fly, but they jump. Yes, they jump from one spot to another inside your room, or whole house. They may come from outside and jumped onto your clothes or bag, and they easily got into your house. Mostly, they will find the place where the people often use to sleep, or stay for long time.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what kind of material where the bed bugs live. They live in the narrow space where it’s close to the host sleeps. So, maybe for those who have an idea to change the wooden bed into the metal one, it will not solve the problem.

How to Solve This Bed Bugs Problem?

Controlling bed bugs isn’t an instant process. It’s complicated and needs to be checked regularly. Kill them immediately using the bed bugs spray or other pesticide may never help to solve this problem. It probably makes the bed bugs hard to kill. The idea of changing the stuffs or move them, is not an effective idea. Once the bed bugs infected your bed area, they may live there forever. Remember that they jump onto every spot they can reach.

Try to clean the stuffs that have been infected by the bed bugs. But, it’s possible for the small items. Wash the stuffs like mattress, bed sheet, clothes, and carpet in high temperature about 110 Fahrenheit or more.

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The answer of do the bed bugs live in wood is yes, they’re possible to live there.

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