Do black ants kill termites?

do black ants kill termites

Black ants are known for killing subterranean termites because they are both enemies by nature. However, black ants are not aggressive predators that look to hunt and kill termites. The aggressiveness of their predation depends on the availability of other sources of food. If there are no other food sources available for the black ants then they will slowly invade the colonies of the termites and eventually eat them. The termites are not as strong as the black ants so it is usually easy for the ants to overpower the termites, so to speak. But what the termites have done to survive for millions of years is to use protective tubes to defend their colonies from an ant invasion. There are also soldier termites that work to defend their queen and colony by fighting off any invading threats, even if the threat is an army of black ants.

The objective of the ants is to snatch the termite eggs from the termite colony and bring them back to their own ant colony to feed their baby ants. During this process, the termite queen will likely be killed because the ants are trying to get to the eggs and the queen is usually located right next to the eggs. It all depends on how big the termite colony is and how many soldier termites are available to fight the ants. If it is a large termite colony then you likely won’t find too many ants trying to invade it. Black ants usually target smaller termite colonies where they outnumber the termites and can easily defeat them. Remember it is not about winning some kind of war or battle for these insects. Termites and ants both have similar objectives that involve mating and feeding themselves. They will do this any way they can.

As for drywood termites, they can be targeted just as much by black carpenter ants. Most ants typically stay in the soil or near the ground when they look for food. But black carpenter ants share some of the same traits as drywood termites because they both build their nests inside of wood. The only difference is the carpenter ants don’t actually eat the wood like termites do. Instead, carpenter ants will locate damaged or damp wood and then remove pieces of it into piles on the outside in order to build their next inside the wood. If there happen to be termites in the wood then they will be killed or eaten by the ants.

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